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“We gave everything to feel something….and the reward was darkness.”

In a post-apocalyptic world where the dead have risen and feed off the living, where zombies have begun an assault on civilization….play as a member of the few remnants of a dismantled military and run or fight to survive.


The App Store has welcomed the debut product from the studio NULL. The game was called ZED and is a whole storehouse of cliches and patterns – this is a classic runner, that with all that has been placed in a zombie-setting.
A couple of years ago, these games are probably the most common type of products in the mobile gaming industry, now they are not trending, but developers have tried to return the ZED interest in the genre. In the first game the screenshots I saw the incredible similarity of the game with another product that has been very popular exactly 3 years ago – the game Into The Dead.


Game Into The Dead was born at the peak of popularity of endless-genre and different from competing products superior graphics implementation, and if you are not familiar with it, be sure to pay attention to it. ZED, in turn, by its visual quality is very much like the once big-name product, but presented in the profile.

It is very difficult to come up with such a typical plot for the game – it is a kind of unfading classics of the genre. Under our management gets the protagonist, who is one of the last survivors of the epidemic among the surging zombies. Instead of finding the most comfortable and safe place for verified lonely life, our protagonist decided to embark on an endless escape.

Proposed gameplay is unlikely someone will be able to name difficult, as virtually all gaming hero picture myself doing, namely running and tagged. We can only time Tapan on the screen to perform jumps and shots. During the shooting of bloodthirsty creatures we will earn coins that we are free to spend at its discretion, either purchase one-time perks or premature opening of the weapons. Otherwise, every type of weapon opened at a certain level.

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Armory base in the game ZED quite rich and diverse: 44 Magnum, Glock 18, UZI, MP5K, M4 Carbin, there is enough space even for a flame thrower and a grenade launcher. It should be noted that the opening of a new type of weapon does not guarantee one hundred percent of its appearance in the play area. The way of salvation always begins with a starter pistol, everything else you can get on the road of wooden crates, which, contrary to the laws of physics and common sense, are hanging in the air.

Despite the huge abundance of game frequently used stamps, the game was of sufficient quality and atmospheric, and all thanks to the graphics and sound implementation. So the game ZED is free, do not forget about advertising, which would have to “rejoice” after each game session. So get ready to turn off the internet connection to the gameplay.


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