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If World of Tanks you seemed too slow, we have to disappoint you: in the World of Warships in this sense is still more difficult. Of course, much depends on how you manage a specific ship, but even the slow and unwieldy machinery of World of Tanks seem brisk, like butterflies, compared to larger vessels. For the first time getting behind the wheel of some antediluvian Japanese battleships like “Myogi” I do not know how this log can fight.

Of course, not all ships as heavy to lift, but on average, any action in World of Warships still takes a lot of time. Even when you do not have fiercely maneuver, dodging enemy shots, almost every press of the button brings the result immediately, but only after a while. The battles are often carried out on very large distances – sometimes ships shoot all across the map, so between the volley and hit (or, what is much more likely to slip) passes, it seems almost a minute.


At the same time the ships almost constantly on the move, accelerating to serious speeds. Long distances and speeds mean that more often than you need to shoot with anticipation, to calculate that (especially when there are no visual clues in the background) is very difficult.

Therein lies one of the important components of the attractiveness of World of Warships. The game requires a lot of care and skill, and any artillery fire between experienced players turns into a tense duel. Both captains are trying as soon as possible pre-emption right and calculated to cause maximum damage while maneuvering and changing the speed to bring down an opponent confused.


However, in World of Warships find many interesting and for those who did not seduce a shootout over a large distance. Fans melee certainly will appreciate light and maneuverable destroyer who just need to get close to the enemy as close as possible to plant the side of a swarm of powerful torpedoes.

And for those who do consider it beneath their dignity to rush back and forth across the map, there are aircraft carriers, the gameplay for which looks like it was taken from a completely different game. Here are most of the time do not operate the ship itself, and based on the deck of the aircraft, distributing between targets on the tactical map.


World of Warships is very diverse, and it is noticeable even when compared to vessels belonging to the same class. Every ship in the game has its own “character”, each requires a special approach. Moreover, even the familiar ship after a little bleeding can show itself in a new way. For example, on the deck of the battleship aircraft spotter appears. Running such a machine, you dramatically increase the maximum range of the main fire.

During the development of the game the most questions, perhaps, cause the card. Doubt fans were, in principle, justified, because it is difficult to imagine a variety of game cards in the open sea. Developers partly managed to cope with this problem. Arena, where battles happen often really very similar to each other, but to play them is still interesting.


Engine World of Warships scales well, normal feeling not even the most powerful computers, but at the same time gives a decent picture. Heavy waves, sunrises and sunsets over the sea, clouds colorful – in the visual sense of the game is almost perfect. Is that animation ships themselves sometimes lacks smoothness, which is why they turn barely noticeable spurts.

Monetization in World of Warships looks exactly the same as in other games Wargaming. To pay for whatever it was you are not forced – it is possible to play for free, and get lots of pleasure. But, by itself, there is a nuance – no investment to develop your fleet will be much slower. Premium account holders receive for each fight more experience and silver. And for doubloons that are bought just for real money, you can not only buy a little more powerful equipment, but also, for example, to transfer experience with fully pumped ships into a common pool, which makes it easier to explore and discover new improved ships. Additional space in the port also costs money.

If you do not take into account the minor shortcomings, I must admit that World of Warships – another apparent success of Wargaming. It is also very thoughtful and tense game that does not require lightning reflexes, but allows to fully feel the adrenaline rush, for which the majority and playing online games. It can be recommended even to those who had not particularly fond of sea romantic, and if you read out of books about sea battles, and even at all will be delighted.

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