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In 2010, the company made a lucky shot – its massively multiplayer “game about tanks» World of Tanks instantly gained national love. Today, the project registered more than 60 million people, and the genre of online battles in military technology is considered one of the most promising and force him try a variety of companies. Wargaming does not stop there: July 2 started public testing of the new project of the company, World of Warplanes, which, as you might guess, is dedicated combat aircraft.

Rules of combat are very simple. There are two teams of fifteen aircraft, to win or need to destroy all enemy pilots, or successfully bomb enemy ground targets, not forgetting to cover his. No torment with takeoff and landing, no long flight to the target – planes start in the air, and a minute later meet with the enemy. About a minute mastered and management – in fact, the only required with the mouse the desired direction of flight, and everything else will take care of an advanced autopilot. Conduct fire and use the afterburner need most.


It seems to be simple and clear, but it is necessary to be in the air, as the problems begin. In World of Warplanes is no such important things like the feeling of flying. Planes behave like a log, which hitched wings. For ease of management also have to pay a price – a virtual autopilot regularly gets up in the air completely unnatural and unpredictable maneuvers, during which sometimes cease to understand where you fly. As a result, flying no pleasure.

An even more serious problem – quite perverse combat mechanics. Aircraft of the Second World did not differ special strength to knock down such a label could burst and caused damage usually affects the flight qualities, so had to go back to the airfield. The pilots of the time well-known to all of these features, so try to fly as much as possible accurately and attack for sure.


In World of Warplanes aircraft fitted with “health bar”, and hit points they have such a number, if it is not a plane, and a battleship with a propeller. From the first salvo in a winged car dies vanishingly rare, and critical hits only slightly reduced performance characteristics, allowing, in general, almost no problem to continue the fight on. Strange but true – the tanks in the same World of Tanks die much more easily than planes in World of Warplanes.

Such an approach is completely destroys the pattern of air combat. In World of Warplanes is not working most of the techniques successfully used by real pilots (and fans of flight simulators). For example, a favorite German ace Erik Hartmann “boom-zoom” when the pilot advance gained the maximum height at which attacked the unsuspecting enemy, gave him on the tag line and again went to the height. Here, this maneuver does not make sense simply because you are unlikely to cause it to lose the enemy a single burst.


It loses its meaning and the game in the link. One of the objectives of this work – from the “tails” of protection: special maneuvers partner he sits enemy “six”, and then scares him a pair of queues. In World of Warplanes is not working – knowing that it is unlikely to quickly shoot down the enemy continues to sit on the tail, finishing off target.

As a result, almost all the aerial combat is reduced to a landfill in the horizontal or vertical (if the enemy is smarter) turns. There is almost no place for clever tactics, using the strengths of their aircraft (flight model is extremely simplified, so that the same level of the machine is very similar to each other), bold and swift attacks. The game turns into a fight in which win more due to luck than by skill.

Perhaps the most interesting thing in World of Warplanes to spend time in the hangar. The game features the planes of the four powers (the Soviet Union, Germany, USA and Japan) and three types (light and heavy fighters and attack aircraft). Traditionally Wargaming available not only popular model, but also some interesting prototypes like Vought XF5U. Each machine provides a considerable set of modules, starting with improved airframe to more powerful weapons.

After a successful shot at Wargaming suddenly there was a misfire. World of Warplanes was surprisingly boring and dynamic game, which the authors have no idea how to look cool arcade game about planes. Perhaps, World of Warplanes could cause some interest, are not present in the market a strong competitor – War Thunder. In this game, arcade mode looks much more dynamic, and experienced pilots can try yourself in more realistic conditions. Some mistakes World of Warplanes, of course, will be corrected patch, but globally the game can save only one thing – the most rapid integration with World of Tanks. If the first Wargaming will enable pilots and tank crews to fight on the battlefield, it significantly strengthen the position of both games.

World of Warplanes with The Mighty Jingles

World of Warplanes – E3 2013 Trailer

World Of War Planes Spitfire MK1 Gameplay

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