World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria


The fourth expansion pack for the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft, where players will be offered to play for the Pandaren race, and will be available to new areas and dungeons.

On the new continent, players waiting for nearly eight locations, as well as a new class – the monk, which is available to all but the worgen and goblins.

A new race – Pandaren available and the Alliance and the Horde, however, to take someone’s side players will be able to achieve a certain level.

I wonder what he was thinking Samwise Didier, art director of Blizzard, the eleven-plus years ago, when on Christmas Day in a hurry to draw his family as a gift card with a picture of a funny giant panda erect locomotive? It is unlikely that the Pandaren can win international recognition. In 2001, Blizzard has used this race for April Fools jokes, and then gradually turned into one of the legends of Warcraft. Mentions pandas are found in almost every game of the series.


However, the news is that the pandas will become a full-fledged race World of Warcraft, has caused old fans frank horror game. In recent years, Blizzard held a policy to simplify and very frivolously applied to the universe, so that the Pandaren, originally former joke perceived as another step down the degradation and “pop music”. But Blizzard has once again proved that it knows how to surprise. Mists of Pandaria – perhaps the best thing that ever happened to the World of Warcraft in recent years.

If World of Warcraft: Cataclysm bore the main events in the game even if modified, but familiar world of Azeroth, the Mists of Pandaria offers players conquer the unknown. Pandaria – new gaming continent for a long time who was one of the myths of Azeroth. The next round of conflict, the Alliance and Horde characters level 85 puts in the land, where they will not only continue the war, but also to understand the brand new local orders.

Pandaria – a small continent, much less added in Wrath of The Lich King Northrend, and, according to our impressions, even slightly inferior to Outland in The Burning Crusade. However, the slim size easily compensated by the originality and richness. Eastern style, numerous references to Chinese culture, designed new races, mythology, philosophy – work done over the addon is hard to describe other word than “Titanic.”

Pandaren discontent accept uninvited guests, but after a while a player can win their location – and you’re helping pandas to fight with the ancient sha, deadly and can bellicose mantises. A parallel acquainted with the world order of Pandaria, to adopt the cultural values of its people and a mug for a mug drink the best beer in Azeroth.


Blizzard obviously took into account the sad experience of the Cataclysm, which is a linear pumping more suited classic role-playing game. Path 85 to level 90 in Mists of Pandaria is much more interesting: the players will have not only a major main line, but also a lot more adventurous. And of course, Pandaria – a real paradise for the traveler. Continent, as expected, is replete with mysterious places, myths and legends. Pandarenskaya Great Wall, the terracotta warriors, a giant climbing the stairs, during which you will meet a lonely tavern with a mysterious Black Prince, the lessons of martial arts – these are just some of the discoveries that await Azerothian laovaya.

Pandaria is not very epic. The continent is more like a distant province, and villains yard punks look for those who remember the famous Nefarian and Illidan «You are not prepared!». But this lovely provincial country and its wonderful inhabitants thick fall in love like never been able to love or the cold of Northrend, or deserted Draenor.

After 90 levels of adventure in Pandaria just beginning. Content in the game much more than is required for pumping – you certainly will remain at least several quest lines to which you can return at your leisure. In place of the traditional and the other for all the entertainment extras, new dungeons, raids, Battlegrounds, and daily quests to raise the reputation of a whole bunch of fractions. Developers even have revived popular once the world’s bosses – in some places Pandaria regularly appear villains, which are going to kill the players from all locations.


Not without its innovations – this scenario, the battle pets and farm. In fact, players of Blizzard decided to offer a whole range of “time-killer” – training on the case when you have only half an hour of free time, or when everything else is just tired. Scripts – very simplified version of the dungeon. To pass the required three players. It looks like this: went, fun, kill the boss and ran, getting a modest reward.

Farm – one of the most pleasant places of Pandaria. Where you can grow fruit and vegetables, to study panda kitchen and improve reputation with neighboring farmers. As a reward, each of them will send you a gift. And the vegetables that you grow up, you can make the best food.

Battle pets – a kind of game to play. Decorative satellites characters exist in World of Warcraft for a long time, but in the Mists of Pandaria an opportunity to arrange a cockroach cock-fighting, and for good tactical level. In the battle attended by teams of three animals each have their own abilities. It is important to combine pets, picking the team for each complex enemy. Not forgotten, and bleeding: typing rate, your little animals get new skills and bonus features. Trust has to catch around Azeroth – so Blizzard gives us one more reason to return to the old game locations.

Finally, the last innovation of Mists of Pandaria – the most serious in the history of World of Warcraft remake of the game mechanics. And it’s not about a new class of gaming. Monk, despite some interesting features, there was only one more generalist, able to tank, heal and deal damage.

But the abilities and talents of the characters underwent a total revision. With each of the three previous Blizzard game additions complicated classes, adding to them more and more new features. In Cataclysm, this approach has exhausted itself – skills became so much that a normal player can not always have to understand how to use it all.


In Mists of Pandaria part skill disappeared. Another of the active into a passive. The three “classic” tree of talents, in which each level you need to invest on a point each, gave way to a more simple system, when every fifteen levels the player chooses one of the three skills. Surprisingly, despite the seeming simplicity of the new system is capable talents to confound even the most experienced player – often have to choose between several important skills that previously were available at the same time.

Perhaps the only serious claim, which can present a Mists of Pandaria, – is the graphics. Despite all the improvements of the game engine, despite the efforts of brilliant designers and animators of Blizzard, on the background of the same Guild Wars 2 TERA game and the picture looks very interesting. Many expected the Mists of Pandaria change the game engine, but this, alas, did not happen. And if you do not happen in the next update – then, sorry, it will not be funny.

Mists of Pandaria – a powerful addition, after which the game can fall in love again. Cataclysm bug fixes, and pandas, contrary to fears, remarkably fit into the gaming world. New ideas – farm, pet fights – the game show with an unusual side. World of Warcraft again brilliantly confirmed the title of “Queen of the genre.”

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