World of Tanks Blitz A simplified version of Tanks


World of Tanks Blitz A simplified version of the popular game Tank – with easy operation and dynamic short fights.

Blitz – the second attempt Wargaming World of Tanks move to new platforms. If the version of the game for Xbox 360 residents of Russia to nothing (a few of our fellow citizens will be playing on the console when there is an option for PC – much more beautiful and perfect), the mobile version, in which you can look when the computer can not – just another thing.

In fact, Blitz – it’s the same World of Tanks, but very well converted into a mobile reality. The team left seven people instead of fifteen cards have become less – as a result of the battles take place much faster. It is the right decision, because on smartphones and tablets is often played in short breaks. Also removed from the game and artillery left very little light tanks – basically they are used only in the earliest levels. The main players are fighting in the medium and heavy tanks and self-propelled guns.


Fights do not differ from World of Tanks: like its predecessor, Blitz – is, first and foremost, a game for those who know how to correctly choose the position, shoot straight, act as a team and to maintain sanity, not to jerk forward, finding themselves under attack enemy. On the card is full of buildings and the landscape quite uneven, so you always been where to find shelter. Each tank worked out a detailed scheme of reservation, so that win will be the one who will learn faster than others to hit the vulnerable spot.


Management made according to standard guidelines for mobile games: Area under the thumb of the left hand is responsible for “steering” the tank, and the finger of his right hand, the player controls the camera, aim and shoot. After the usual keyboard and mouse, such a scheme is not very convenient, but you get used to it quickly, especially since it is implemented perfectly. Manage sensitive and precise: for example, you can easily move the tank for a couple of meters. And when aiming, you can use the approximation mode and automatic target tracking.


While World of Tanks Blitz is available only for Apple fans, Android-version is in development. You will need at least a second-generation iPad or iPhone 4S – with not even the most modern devices Blitz schedule looks pretty good, but the game did not slow. Blitz is free, but for a comfortable game to get a better premium account.


Fans of the original World of Tanks quickly discover that a mobile version of the game is largely simplified and is unlikely to serve as a full replacement version for the PC. But from Blitz that it is not required: it is a game that perfectly fills the short breaks. The main thing is that the dynamics of fights and gambling it is absolutely not inferior to the original.

World of Tanks Blitz: Tutorial

World of Tanks Blitz – M46 Patton, Just an Awesome Tank

World of Tanks Blitz – iOS/Android – HD (Sneak Peek) Gameplay Trailer

World Of Tanks Blitz – Maus Gameplay

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