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If you have not yet had a chance to hear about the game World of Battles: Morningstar, then, I can say that you missed a lot. No, it’s not just another pretty MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, imported from China or Korea. World of Battles: Morningstar – a free client tactical RTS (real time strategy), which can be best described as the fruit of love fusion Total War and the League of Legends.

The brainchild of Ukrainian developer companies Frogwares, World of Battles: Morningstar combines tactical combat elements of RTS (like in Total War) with F2P (free to) game model combining attractive metagame with the possibility of increasing the level of the army.

Based on the F2P economic model, in-game micro transactions and there, the so-called subscription. Both of these elements are used in many ways to accelerate the development of the game and include additional bonuses. However, you can enjoy all the fabulous elements of the game without spending a dime absolutely that certainly is a plus.


World of Battles – To battle!

It all starts with the creation of your alter ego – Warlord of your army, and in fact the army itself. The game has 8 different factions: Knights, Gnomes, amazon, animal-barbarians, orcs, dark elves and the undead. Each of them is fully consistent with the best traditions of representation creatures from fantasy world. Each race has a huge variety of units, including infantry units, cavalry, infantry, etc. Another exciting feature is the presence of “Elite Squad”, unique to each faction, who have special abilities, skills and magic. Personally, I took the Barbarians.

Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the combat system as a whole is largely built on the easy-to-understand principle: rock-paper-scissors. For example, pikemen and spearmen are good against cavalry, archers are good in the conduct Ranged (but doomed in the melee), and the cavalry – fast and copes with the exploration or spreading group of archers (especially on the flank).

Recently, the development team, finally, presented the promised Giants. Now huge combat units in the battle boasts one has reached a certain level. With the advent of new soldiers, the game took an even more spectacular color. Giants, unique for each race, are divided into different types and mind skills which can be useful in a wide variety of kinds of tactics and strategies.


There are other types of classes and groups, such as light infantry and heavy infantry, for example, but the basic mechanics remain the same as the overall strategy of the game: a properly fitted and imputed Army combat tactics are crucial in order to win.

Today is a good day to die!

Command and control is happening in the company officer, and placement on the battlefield can be used to provide benefits. For example, the hills – it’s a good place to placement of archers. They receive a small bonus to the radius on the dais. Gorge can be used to lure the enemy into a trap, and, eventually, to attack it from the flank or from the rear, it also gives a bonus attack. There are also natural visual shelter, such as bushes, trees, rocks, behind which you can ambush the enemy. The rendered fog of war may well tickle your nerves when it comes out of a huge machine of ferocious, and at full speed rushes into the crowd of the allied armies, throwing with small units that come across on the way.

Fortunately, World of Battles is easy enough to master control and battle tactics. While, nevertheless, there are some elements in the interface and AI, difficult to understand the first time. It is for this and created single mission, so you can fully adapt to the game and to practice a variety of tactics and strategy of warfare. For me, it was not initially clear the existence of building units changes button. But in the end, after a few training battles, all became clear.


A series of icons located along the bottom of the screen allows you to select different units with one click. You can also select several units using the frame that appears when moving the mouse with the left button. Click the left mouse button on the unit to select it, and then right-click on an enemy squad or a place on the map for an attack or movement (respectively). You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to select his squad by pressing CTRL + <key with the number>. Hotkeys is very simplified and accelerated the ability to switch between the different units (groups of units) in the heat of battle.

In addition to the command of your army, you have a variety of spells that you can use in your battle tactics, and often they help to turn the tide of battle in a difficult moment. Each faction has its own spells. Many other incredible opportunities open up with each level of your Army Leader. My Barbara, for example, started with a simple spell shield that protects all allies within range, as well as a simple attack spell that deals damage in a given area.

The main advantage of World of Battles: Morningstar is that comfortable with the base game and its mechanics are very simple. But, at the same time, it raised a lot of interesting aspects that have yet to be discovered. This is made possible by the symbiosis of the hero of the game and the possibility of military development in the metagame.

World of Battles – Spoils of war

As in games like League of Legends, the more you play World of Battles: Morningstar, the more you earn currency to promote your Leader and your army.

Victory in the single missions and online battles will reward you with experience and gold. Getting your commander levels of experience opens up new units and equipment that you can buy for gold or gems (in-game premium currency).


So what to spend all your gold and? On glamorous clothes, of course!

Each unit has a plurality of slots to equip better weapons, armor and other accessories. At the beginning of the game only open cells of weapons and armor, but gaining experience – open additional slots (and things you can cram into them), such as belts, boots, necklaces, etc.

Just learning, invincible in the game

World of Battles successfully combines a relatively simple game mechanics with deep metagame to make return to the game again and again. Online multiplayer – is the foundation of the game. But you can spend a lot of time just going through the single missions to hone skills, gain experience and gold, and decided on the composition of your armies before you plunge headlong into online battles, and kick the rear real enemies.

Another nice feature is that it is relatively easy and quick to join in the online battle with several armies of enemies, and stay happy and satisfied in less than 20 minutes. This stunning model that is equally well suited as casual players and hardcore.

The good news is the fact that Frogwares bosom lies are many elements to be introduced in World of Battles: Morningstar, including achievements, additional game types, ladder ranking, and a lot of new orders. In general, the game is 100% fun and interesting, and has virtually unlimited potential diversity armies, objects, competition, spells, and other elements that makes the players coming back for more.


World of Battles: Morningstar is an innovative and very pleasant fusion of RTS and tactical F2P games. Though technically, this article is not a review of the game – as it is still only a beta version of the game, and, of course, it will be in another series of adjustments, simplifications and patches – but you can consider this article in my strong recommendation to play World of Battles: Morningstar especially if you’re a fan of tactical RTS games.

World of Battles: Morningstar is currently at the stage of open beta testing. And if the open beta can be considered any indication, World of Battles, according to my forecast, I will have to have a long and prosperous life ahead.

World of Battles: Morningstar – Giants Trailer

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World Of Battles : Morning Star Gameplay

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