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“Blood and Wine”, like many other stories in the third, “The Witcher”, begins with the usual contract. Only this time, Geralt employs no headman of the village, which is wound around the griffin, and not a banker, in whose house naughty ghost. Bids rose: a meeting with the ruler Tussenta Witcher waiting – a small state in the south. The game Tussent first appears, but the “book” Geralt knows this place: he once spent a few months. And it was the most calm and lazy months of his life – only cases were that drink wine from morning till night, playing cards and had an affair with a beautiful woman, sorceress.

For several years, sharing the events of the book and games Tussent not a drop has not changed. It is the same country jokers and lazy, almost completely covered with vineyards. Its fields are not to defile the war and covered with blood, its inhabitants still appreciate a drink while on the road and then there are dressed in ridiculous shining armor knight errant looking for adventures: one of the noble purposes, and some for pay – the budget Tussenta there is a special line of expenses “on feats.”

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But the “gingerbread” appearance Tussenta a wrapper ends up. It is wrapped up in this terrible story, the main role in which plays the vampire. Geralt and earlier met with them, but if in Novigrad and on the islands Skellig vampires appeared only sporadically, in Tussente they perform almost all of the leading roles in the plot.

History, in which Geralt becomes involved at this time, is most similar to the investigation in the style of Agatha Christie’s detective. It begins with the murder of two venerable knights and find the monster who killed them. But the further advances in its investigation of the witcher, the more obvious it becomes that the whole story – not what it seems at first, and search for the monster in the end turn to the search for justice. From the player interprets this concept will depend on the final. Do I need to punish those who do not act on their own? It does unjustly offended right to revenge? Needless to say everything you know, or sometimes it is better to remain silent?


The plot can go for ten hours, and it will be one of the best stories in the game. But the one who will bear on it, like a scalded cat, lose half the pleasure. It must take place slowly and deliberately, and always being distracted by side quests. Supplement entirely built on the contrast. At first catches the eye fairy type mismatch Tussenta and horror that is happening on its lands, but then you notice that unlike Duration: serious, dark and in some cases even the sad main story here is clearly opposed to the additional missions – cynical and full of black humor. You will spend a lot of pleasant moments, searching for the missing eggs statue of the hero-lover, or embossing of bank employees help 68 (which, of course, is given only after filling the form 202 in box 1, but no one was there, because the dinner), or sorting out, why it began to rain from the cows in the vicinity of the local mines. “Blood and Wine” at times dangerously on the verge of vulgarity, but manages not to sink into it – thanks to the Witcher, who calmly respond to even the most wild situation. Is that his words he never climbs, especially obscene – obscene language in the game, as always, is full.

In addition, paying little attention to third-party assignments, you run the risk of not immediately gain access to a major new mechanic of the game – mutation system. Meanwhile, in addition quite challenging bosses (of course, if you do not play on the complexity of the “only story”), and a few extra slots Talent, which gives full bleed the mutation is very useful.

It is advisable from time to time to look into the winery – in addition appeared in the witch house, which gives him a princess in advance for the execution of the order. Fortunately, the trouble with the real estate in “The Witcher” is substantially less than in Fallout 4: just something and you need that from time to time to give the manager some amount of money. No unnecessary torture: give money – in a day or have new machines, stands for armor, a comfortable bed and stables for Roach. Any functional improvements giving a bonus: a bed, for example, increases the health of the stock, and a new stall increases endurance horse. If desired, can be in the house to hang pictures and arrange the trophies, but if you enrage all those sims-elements, the beauty you can give up.


With inventory Geralt worked very seriously – so he finally became almost comfortable, for example, is now never lost the plot notes. Kraft also improved – now you can just buy more missing components, even without leaving the menu of creating things. Fine tuning and visible on the map – all locations have a distinct description, and it is possible to install several types of overlays (earlier it was possible to put one only).

Despite the fact that Tussent – the whole rich and peaceful land, then just completely deserted settlements that come to life, it is worth only Witcher kill monsters inhabit them (by the way, bored roller returning residents, too processed). In addition, there are special places Tussente captured by brigands. To make any of them, you need to kill the leader, who usually sits in a secluded corner, which protects about fifty bandits. But deal with it and get it over with a gang (where it is called the “Hansa”), you will immediately reduce the population of bandits in the local forests.

The best way to play “Blood and Wine” – just jump on the back true roach and go aimlessly. Within half a minute you will witness some strange accident, which could lead to the next order, or find a cave, about which heard once that there are drawings armor. The last thirty hours in the company of Geralt pass unnoticed. And even countries, it would seem, the idea is to get a home looks logical result for the elderly witch. We finish the adventure – and Geralt is on his winery, and each evening with a bottle sitting on the porch, looking at the dazzling beautiful sunsets. Goodbye, witcher. Maybe we’ll meet again with you, if CD Projekt RED did decide to ever release a fourth part of the game.

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