Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War 2 Guests from space

Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War 2 Guests from space

Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War 2  Relic has done some quite ordinary, if you want to, and ordinary strategy for public unassuming: simple as oak stool.

Selecting the hero in front of multiplayer matches determines the entire future battle style.

The first part of Dawn of War was released in 2004 and lived a long and happy life. The game became popular eSports discipline, I have got a few good additions and enjoyed a decent demand today. A full-fledged sequel was announced only last year did somehow suspiciously quickly – without transfers and delays. Looking ahead, we say that has not gone punctuality Dawn of War 2 in favor. Vice versa. Multiple facilitation, technical problems and deficiencies frustrate even the militant fans.

Guests from outer space

First the bad news. Despite the beautiful intro, sane story in Warhammer 40.000 and did not deliver. The campaign is one – for the people. That detachment of Space Marines “Bloody crows,” valiantly leads to the hordes of grubby world of orcs, but rides on the dunes Eldar resembling hi- tech version of the elves. Why, why? Perhaps it should be. This continues as long as the sky does not fall more serious enemy – has long been promised by the Tyranids.

History fully able to evaluate only the experts board of the universe, or at least those who have carefully passed the first part. The rest will have to play another fantasy war games involving the four warring parties. And if people, Eldar and Orks it is clear – we have seen them in the previous games of the series – something about the Tyranids separate conversation.

Creepy visitors from distant worlds in habits and appearance similar to the notorious alien from the movie “Alien.” Bloodthirsty monsters united by a common understanding and for some unknown reason, makes travel the galaxy in search of new victims. They do not use the equipment and weapons, relying only on their teeth, nails and glands with toxic substances.

Events in the latest fashion campaign unfolding in the two-tier global map, borrowed from Dark Crusade and Soulstorm. At the first level voice-over gives the job, there are equipped troops and eyeing the field for landing. The second level is intended solely for the navigation between the planets. One action (whether it be on the flight with Typhon Kalderis or ground military operation) is equal to one day. Often, missions give so much that not enough is no time to go through them, and then we have to choose. For each successfully completed the task laid reward. Here it is up to you, what is more important – new armor for the hero or improved guns for riot. Do not be surprised if the game bring you in one area two or three times at intervals of a couple of missions – for Dawn of War 2 is a common practice.

Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War 2 Guests from space-8

Fights between large units is still very spectacular.

As easy as pie

Battles in the “single» Dawn of War 2 rarely last more than 10 minutes and are very different from the original. Developers building completely abolished – can only build turrets useless – and have disabled the ability to build teams. As a player, only those troops which he chose on the global map (three units of five available). Groups are created equal, except for the Scouts. These guys do not fit in the chosen by the developers of the concept of “allocated frame – crushed heap.” Interface, sadly, has deteriorated. Understand the small buttons and panels, you know, a dubious pleasure. In addition, the bots do not always obey orders unquestioningly.

Dreadnought Space Marine looks very impressive, but the sense in a serious fight from him a little.

At the end of each mission “Blood Ravens” certainly waiting for the boss to the health arcade strip on the floor screen. Kill a robust fellow, you only need to be patient.

RPG elements are in perfect harmony with the gameplay. Somewhere by Relic, however, went too far. It seems that in front of you is not a strategy with elements of RPG, and vice versa. For participation in combat units and heroes get new levels and experience points. The development is linear in four directions. Strips of health, melee, firing and energy interspersed with the skills to develop hard and if, for example, health, one after the other will be opened and the appropriate skills. Units that you do not use, also progressing, but slowly – especially in order to avoid losing skills. Loot also improves performance. The banner behind the legendary hammer in his hands, and improved armor greatly increase the chances of winning.

Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War 2 Guests from space-6

Sometimes it seems that the role-playing elements in the Dawn of War 2 is much more than strategic.

Spoiled party

Multiplayer on six of the key mode of the game turned into something strange and sad. For brand designer appearance squads lurk primitive running seven boring cards, problems with balance and desperately creaking gears mechanism server search system through Games for Windows – LIVE. On the cards “3×3” opponents often have to wait for 10-15 minutes. And this is similar to the duration of the match! Patches, according to developers, soon as the situation is sad.

Neither of which diversity and the new word in the genre can be no question. Fantasy Relic was only enough for two memorized fun. “Destruction” means the cynical and the final massacre of the enemy, and the “victory points” just enough to take control of key positions. But you can at least play for orcs, at least for the Tyranids. Oh yes, there is nothing remarkable co-op story in the style of the beloved Red Alert 3 (here really do not have enough opportunities to give signals to “attack” or “defend” itself through the mini-map) and the battle with the bots.

Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War 2 Guests from space-3


Tyranids protect the environment and only use biotechnology: they even base resembles overgrown slug.

War and glamor

Despite the financial crisis raging in the world, on a sound background Relic and THQ toy obviously did not save. In the English version units sounded impeccably, brass band sings a real choir, well, by gunfire and explosions, as expected, in households pawns ears.

The appearance of the second Dawn of War is no less pleased. The improved version of the engine from Company of Heroes provides though not advanced, but bright and modern image. Crisp texture, destructible environments (including cover), soft “refreshment” flawless animation – everything is in place. Especially warm the soul detailed models are not worse than many shooters, and in the truest sense of dazzling special effects. System requirements for this not to offend anyone. To achieve good graphics is realistic and on the computer the day before yesterday.

Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War 2 Guests from space-5

Dawn of War 2 has turned out beautiful, spectacular, sorry, epic game, but without fanaticism. Scripts are issued strictly metered, pathos into the measure. Is that the boss fights were in practice unduly prolonged. While this is not surprising: for the general director in charge of the game Zack Hanks, Notorious hand another Titan Quest, where a ten-minute running around Minotaur – the norm.

Enthusiasm in press about Dawn of War 2, we sincerely do not understand – from the crazy dynamics of the first part was gone. In addition, because of the unfortunate sequel evaporated rudiments of tactics in the story campaign, multiplayer decayed. What a compliment? A few nice innovations are desperately trying to pull the toy from the resulting trenches, that’s just not – it is deeply stuck there. Great Relic has done some quite ordinary, if you want to, and ordinary strategy for public unassuming: simple as oak stool. We are waiting for patches and add-ons.

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II PC gameplay 1680×1050 ULTRA settings

Warhammer 40K Down of War 2 – 1vs1 Multiplayer Gameplay

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