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For more than two years, players participate in intense battles between the detachment and Warface Blackwood Corporation. Now Crytek will try to pave the way to the heart of the Western players, and most reliable way for it – releasing Warface on the most popular American console, the Xbox 360. The game was launched on April 22 and feels great: the server periodically downloads up to 90%.

Warface console follows the same shareware distribution model, and that the computer version. Fork, however, still have – not the game itself, and the subscription Xbox Live. Alas, without the play Warface will not work, as in any multiplayer game released on the Xbox 360.

Play as a medic is very advantageous – most likely your team will consist of some snipers and attack aircraft, which always have to be treated


Although out of the beta stage, the console version of Warface still actively being finalized – on the start screen and then there are news about the conduct of technical operations, servers regularly closed for maintenance from time to time there is a problem with the connection and ping unpleasant jumps. But in the rest of the transfer of the console game has withstood with dignity: sufficient servers, user-friendly interface, familiar management. Most suffered graphics – you can forget about anti-aliasing and high detail, but rely on something else on older generation of consoles would be foolish.

According to the number of game modes as the console version is inferior to a computer, for example, is unavailable mode “Elimination”. But in place long familiar Players fight, capture points, as bombs and society, and for any of these modes, you can assemble a team immediately.

The co-op Warface stand together – the key to victory

Game currency in the console version is the same as in the computer: warface dollars, loans and the crown – the Bucks are earned for participating in the battles, the credits are bought for real money, the crown given for achievements in cooperative missions. Cooperative tasks are updated every day, so if you have a goal to earn more powerful weapons and new equipment, is to return more often. As before, the services of the players a large selection of weapons and uniforms, and various contracts for which performance can get bonuses, and clan wars.

Disadvantages of the console version of exactly the same as that of the computer. Get ready for a long and hard to unlock new equipment, battle enemies on small cards, conquer the resistance of the “paid” players. There is another important consideration: as mentioned above, you can play Warface, only paying for a subscription to Xbox Live. And this subscription gives you the opportunity twice a month to receive free games, for which otherwise you would have to shell out money. And if these games are, for example, a new part of Call of Duty or of Halo, it is still a question, whether you stay for a long time faithful Warface. On the other hand, now on the Xbox 360 quite a modest selection of free online games: Warface not counting, of decent can remember except that World of Tanks. And judging by the fact that Warface servers are always full, players are not yet inclined to exchange it for other “gifts”.

Rap, pretentious phrases, lots of explosions – US students favor

In general, if you really like Warface, is now better to play it on your computer – there is already a game and run-tested, the servers are stable. In addition, the computer version is superior to the console picture quality. However, if your Xbox 360 collecting dust without cause, subscription will still be paid, and the adventures of Master Chif has long bothered – it is possible to devote a couple of evenings and Warface.

WarFace Gameplay Xbox 360

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