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What associations you have is the phrase “shareware” next to your favorite online game? Restrictions on time, purchase a variety of in-game items and the ability to download additional content? I thought everyone will have their own, but they all will have one thing – money. In multiplayer games often there are moments when you have to pay real money and few are willing to shell out for a comfortable passage or further studies in the world. But Warface not. He is not inferior to modern shooters on any chart or on the dynamics of the fighting. In addition, it is possible to play and have fun without spending a dime.

A new war

Among fellow Warface genre is different, first of all, beautiful graphics. Even on a very average local computer special effects are no different from the effects of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Grenade, character animation movement, texture levels and weapon models – all look at the proper level, and can not fail to please the eye. But it is necessary to dig deeper, and it turns out that in addition to the picture, the game has a more interesting and cooperative missions, in which you and a few other people (real players) throw to the level where your main objective is to get from one point to another, simultaneously firing all the enemies on the map.


cooperative transmission mode tasks is somewhat like Left 4 Dead. There is also no good teamwork did not last long, because the enemy can simply crush a number. Therefore, before starting the job has to correctly identify and select the squad for a class play, because each of them has a certain type of weapons and abilities (about them later). Opponents like to attack the crowd, so even a small amount of on Squad with different type of warfare can be a problem for beginners. While two stormtrooper feed you lead, because of the angle can pop someone three soldiers with shields and batons, which do not feed bread, give to fall down to the ground and whack on the head with a truncheon. Cope with these, wait a few snipers on the roof and machine-gun nests a couple of enemies.

But if you by a good command of the game were able to break further, expect a mandatory meeting with the boss, which will be different, depending on the complexity of the selected job. The main rule of the battle with the enemy – the maximum effort and the effort of all the team members. Perhaps someone will have to take the fire itself, while the others are trying to mow a strip life enemy to zero. But all the work done will be richly rewarded in the end of the mission. All information about who killed many, helped someone, let the bullets and died, drawn up in a clear and user-friendly list, so if you play well, look yourself in the first place. In addition, the better you lead the fight, the more points and earn game currency of the local.


To fasten a new sight on the weapon of choice, you must first open it

When you want to set the heat to real players, it’s time to choose a PvP-battle, which are rich in classic game modes and different levels. In the “meat grinder” every soldier is fighting with other enemies alone. No friends, just you and the crowd of enemies that and want to capitalize on the death of your glasses. “Team Deathmatch” mode speaks for itself. Two units converge on a single map, and find out who the reaction faster and better accuracy. Well, the standard tasks like capturing and protection facilities has not done. Only here do not have to capture the flag, and the enemy missile launch codes. Well, the defending team must protect their data at any cost. Then the roles are reversed, and the attackers become defenders. Time goes by, and the match can change at any time.

Each player can create his own room, where he is free to choose the card mode, type of weapon, and classes that will be available. All in the game four classes: attack, medic, engineer, sniper. Let us examine them in detail.

Trooper is known, the basic combat unit detachment. It is able to fight in small and medium distances and can replenish their ammunition and ammunition of their comrades. Main weapons attack aircraft machine guns, machine guns and pistols.


Medic is known to cure health to yourself and others, and in the case of the death of his partner, he can return it to the light of one movement of a defibrillator until the end of time, and he finally disappeared from view. Military doctors are most effective in close combat, so it’s best shotgun for them nothing.

Engineers skilled in the art. But since the game did not deliver jeeps and tanks, they have to deal with explosives. These guys are able to restore and armor, and “Claymore” in an unexpected place to place. They skillfully own guns, machine guns, and grenades, as well as other classes, do a good job.

A completely different situation occurred with the snipers. They were not awarded any unique abilities, but they are extremely dangerous from a distance. However, there is no place to turn around for them by themselves. Many cards in the game are small and secluded villages are small. Therefore it is necessary to move the convolutions and seek appropriate shelter.

Sometimes Warface and begs for a comparison with Modern Warfare

After each battle the player to earn points and money. Local game currency called wardollars. They are spent on the purchase of weapons and equipment, which then remain forever. Also, you can buy more powerful weapons for real money. The more loans pay, the longer you will be able to use one or another gun.

Another declared currency – the crown. They can buy or earn in a fair fight. Every day there are new tasks that are not necessarily, but it is interesting to carry out. Backache 10 goals of the gun, soak 20 enemies with the knife, kill 30 enemies without aiming, all these and other terms appear frequently. Ranking of the best players quickly updated, so you move from the first place, you can travel back to tenth.


In addition to fans of intense fighting, there is room and players who like to earn various achievements. Badges and medals are given to the best shooters for the performance of certain tasks. For example, kill fifty enemies in the subcategory or Undermine their garnet. Be sure to get the reward, which then can be displayed on the main profile to all the players can see it. In addition to beautiful things, battle earned useful things, namely, the new parts to upgrade weapons, new armor and other types of guns.

Warface shooter turned out to be surprisingly good “shareware” game. You can reach the maximum level, and without spending a dime. For a complete happiness is not enough just new big cards, but so far without them something to do. In addition, the game developers are constantly supplemented with new elements, and there is no wonder that this article may quickly become obsolete after, say, a couple of months, and missed most of the useful and new information.

Warface – Tips and Tricks

Warface Pro Tips Gaming

3 Tips for Improving YOUR Warface Gameplay!

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