Warface – Great Teamwork!


Warface Rifleman

A soldier, whose main weapon is an assault rifle, perfect at medium ranges and gun, less mobile, but has great capacity.

The main function of Rifleman – a constant supply of ammunition.


Warface Sniper

The game claims that the sniper is no special skills, but still it is the only fighter who can hit enemies from a distance. At his disposal are two types of guns: semiautomatic and nonautomatic.

The main function of a sniper – to cover their comrades.


Warface Engineer

The main task of the engineer is sabotage. In his arsenal have guns, suitable for small distances. Other characters are trying to kill the Engineer before the rest of the installation minutes, attention and quick response will not interfere in the management of this class.

The main function of the engineer – the ability to repair the armor.


Warface Medic

Weapons of physicians – a shotgun, ideal for a fight at close range. This is another class, which will try to kill as quickly as possible, open space medic contraindicated.

The main function of the physician – treatment of wounded comrades using kits and recovery mates using a defibrillator.


You can be sure that fighters team is fairly standard for most online games, but distinctive, each member of the party can stand up for themselves. Pleasure gives also the fact that each player can be even though a medical attack aircraft.

A variety of types of battles in the PvP, in my opinion, gives Team

Fortress, but more than in Counter – Strike. However, the game is still to come, and perhaps we’ll see more diversity.

PvE is updated daily from 3 missions, which took place on 5 man groups. What’s interesting is the mission, which was yesterday at the “Easy”, the next day will be at the “Difficult” so you can prepare for the level of “Profi”

For winning you get warface dollars (local currency), the experience and delivery points. Experience influences the rank of a character who talks about your successful missions. The money is needed to repair and purchase additional equipment. Interestingly the item “supply points”. There are three types of supplies: equipment (required for modifications of weapons), weapons and equipment. Objects in the delivery blocked until there is the right amount of points, but there is a nuance: for each type of delivery randomly determined which item will be available as follows.

What else distinguishes from other shooter Warface? Teamwork! The whole process of the game is built on it, unlike most shooters, where players run by themselves and do not even try to do something to help each other. To play in a good, well-coordinated team do everything: attack distributes ammo, a medical cure, and most importantly, there are places where it is impossible to climb without the help of another player.

Warface – AWM Alpine Sniper Frag Movie by Kylin

Warface – Medic gameplay

Warface Tutorial- Engineer Class

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