War Thunder: Ground Forces main rival World of Tanks


Tank War Thunder mode still requires a long completion, but pleases fans of realistic and large-scale war games

Gaijin Entertainment have released War Thunder – a great game about planes during the Second World War. The developers have promised that after a while they turn on the game and ground equipment, and even ships. Before the ships it has not yet reached, but the tanks have already appeared. Of course, they are still not as much as the main competitor – World of Tanks, but, thanks to the participation of planes, fighting in the War Thunder is much more exciting. On the giant maps of live players performing a variety of tasks in tanks and aircraft near firing artillery, anti-aircraft guns are shot – a feeling that you participate in this battle.


War Thunder from the start allows users to customize the complexity of the control plane – there is a arcade mode that allows you to cope with the flying machine even players without experience, and the simulator mode, which will be able to evaluate only real virtuosos. For ground equipment also has several modes – arcade, and a realistic simulator. Arcade mode requires a minimum of skills, but control it even more difficult than in World of Tanks: for example, when you try to turn on the high speed of the tank can go into a skid. To avoid this, it is necessary to include a manual gearbox and learn how to pick up speed on the situation – the maximum if you want to accelerate on a straight line, and reduced if necessary to maneuver or to climb the mountain.


In realistic mode the difficulty has increased – for example, you need to learn to determine the distance to an enemy tank, and take pre-emption, aiming a little higher. In simulator mode, missing markers – to distinguish enemies from friends to have. It will have to at least learn the silhouettes of tanks. The game in the simulator mode, so will require you to not only a good response, but also experience and a certain amount of knowledge.

Battles in the game look very fun and rich. For the environment have to watch not only on land but also in the air, trying to put the tank so that it is less vulnerable to air strikes. On the map a lot of technology, computer-controlled – tanks bots (as, indeed, stupid, that can not cope even with the extras role), anti-aircraft and long-range artillery on long positions. They all can be destroyed, depriving the enemy’s advantage.


Managed players artillery in War Thunder is not – instead, some tanks may cause artillery strikes. In other respects the situation is pretty standard types of technology: there is light, medium and heavy tanks, self-propelled anti-tank and portable anti-aircraft guns. All the equipment is pumped by opening access to more advanced modules, in addition, increases in the experience of the crew.

Unfortunately, all this still can not hide the serious drawback – the game requires significant improvement. Tankers from a choice of at least a dozen cards, which do not differ special variety – for example, at the time of this writing, among them there was not a city. There are also some technical flaws such as inability to fell trees tank (promised to fix in due course).


After some time after the release of PC-version of the updated War Thunder appeared on the PlayStation 4. All is good, but it slows down the tank mode on some maps. The rest of the console War Thunder is almost fully in line with the PC-version (recently they even merged servers), as well as on the PS4 realistic game is rare. And a separate pleasure – it is an opportunity to play in War Thunder on PS Vita using Remote Play feature.

Despite the need for some improvements, an upgraded War Thunder: Ground Forces today is perfect for all fans of online games tanks. This is a game with a bunch of interesting features, nice graphics and the ability to increase the complexity by enabling simulation mode. Also, do not forget about the air mode, which for two years, developers have brought almost to perfection.

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