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MOBA, perhaps one of the “hottest” contemporary genres. Looking at the success of League of Legends and Dota 2, developers, stumbling and trampling the fallen, they rushed to release their own games based on the popular formula. Someone turns out better, someone worse, someone is seeking recognition of certain other closing projects midway.

But the real holy grail – mobile MOBA. The plates are in the population much, their owners quite happy to part with money, and is already quite accustomed to the freemium concept (with the deciphering of the term can refer, for example, to the recent series “South Park”, entirely dedicated to this phenomenon). Here, too, has its heroes and losers, and on the scene regularly appear new studio, full of hope and fresh ideas on how MOBA can work in a mobile format. One of the most promising newcomers – Super Evil Megacorp and Vainglory.

Those who follow the evolution of mobile devices, Apple may remember this name. Vainglory recently lit up on the iPhone 6, the presentation, where it was used as a good example: they say, like this should look like a new generation of mobile game. She looks really very attractive, but its main advantage, of course, not the case.


Vainglory – a vivid example of the principle of “less is better”. The game is so compact that even at first it seems as if the developers a bit overdone. Instead of the usual all fans of the genre three paths laid through the game map, there is – only one. He, like other of MOBA, menacing guard turrets and patrol NPC-fighters, as players control the hero, using it as a shield cannon fodder, trying to get to the enemy base and destroy the central building.

The differences begin beyond this, the only lane. The southern part of the card is occupied by forest, inhabited by monsters neutral. Most just play the role of living bags of experience and money, but there are among the “neutrals” monster with a much more interesting features that strongly influence the course of the match. In a sense, even VAINGLORY relies on them to create a full gameplay rather than simply knock heads together on the path two teams of three players.

Firstly, we located the so-called “creeps mine” in the western and eastern parts of the forest. They begin to work in a few minutes after the start of the battle, and control over each belonging strengthens your team NPC-monsters, helping to quickly push the front line towards the enemy base. Control of these mines – an extremely important element of the game, because by denying opponents access to both upgrades, you are at the same time weaken its army and strengthen your own. Because of this, the team must constantly make risky forays into the enemy half of the cards and beat the attack on “their” nearest to the home base, shaft, and not mope entire match on the lane.


Secondly, in the heart of the forest lives especially fat monster, mining the gold. After killing him, you shoot with all the treasures of the corpse, which had to obtain neutral for the moment and, if the operation is carried out properly and in time, to replenish the accounts of all the players of his team to break the bank. In addition, all three neutral camp, being captured is shown on the map run past the enemies and make it possible to better understand the course of the battle. As a result, matches are constantly flow from the lane in the woods and back, which makes them extremely dynamic.

Another advantage VAINGLORY, which at first seems like a disadvantage, it is a little … no, simply laughable by the standards of the genre number of playable characters. While the majors, like the same League of Legends, offering players a choice of more than a hundred characters, and thinner competitors are trying to roll out at least a couple dozen fighters in Vainglory them at the time of review there were only ten. Another one, however, going to release soon, but it’s still a little scary.


But this has its own charm. Firstly, each Vainglory character truly unique. Developers do not allow the repetition, if only because that is repeated and really nothing. Another plus is that the characters a little time, and then settle into Vainglory quite simple. There will soon begin to understand what to expect from each character: a tedious period of primitive accumulation of information capital, inevitable in almost any of MOBA, here reduced to a minimum. In this case, those characters which are in VAINGLORY, play very interesting. Even hard to pick favorites, because they are all in their own way worthy characters.

In short, the developers have done everything they could to adapt the genre to mobile format. Well, almost everything …

The motto of the game is reflected even in the title of its official website ( «The MOBA Perfected for Touch» or «MOBA, which is convenient to operate touch”), is not entirely truthful. In general, the management really works satisfactorily, but there are situations where size constraints make themselves felt. So, in a crowd of enemies is often difficult to select the right target, and takes half damage if not quite in the milk, it just does not go where it is really needed. This is particularly disappointing in serious battles, and when trying to earn gold, finishing off the enemy creeps.

Another similar problem with the communication system in Vainglory. For a set of quite understandable reasons of the traditional chat here and there is not expected. Instead, developers are limited to those that have given players the opportunity to point to each other point on a map, parallel sending one of three messages: “here we go”, “do not go here” or “I will soon.” That, in fact, limited coordination team, which in itself is not very good. But the thing is in the fact that if your hands are a little larger than average, to get into the team’s icon, and then another, and in the right portion of the mini-map, it will be extremely difficult.


Vainglory not quite fit into mobile format yet because it matches the average last unacceptably long. Half an hour in the Dota 2 or Smite – nothing, because you’re definitely sitting at home for your own computer, and you probably have enough time to bring the match to end. On tablets and smartphones often play on the road, and there are already difficulties begin. One author of this article has gone through some very unpleasant moments when I realized that very soon will arrive at his station in the subway, and the battle and did not think to end. On the platform he came literally in a cold sweat, because the enemy base his team defeated in just a few seconds before the train jumped out of the tunnel.

Finally, for many Vainglory users will almost certainly become the first MOBA game in their biography that is immediately noticeable on overly aggressive style of play. Because of such enthusiastic beginners it is quite possible to lose the match and say that this defeat is doubly disappointing, to say nothing.

Yet, Vainglory – extremely high-quality and sensibly make plays. Although not always work perfectly management, play it very interesting. Matches are tightened quite a grown-up, a set of characters here is very good, though is limited, and additional opportunities concentrated in playing the woods, make the gameplay fresh and added to it the tension. Perhaps the game can be, along with Heroes of the Storm, called one of the best points of entry into the genre. Well, if you already love MOBA, Vainglory will also be something to offer you. Just be ready for some restrictions.

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