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Twitter social network is currently one of the most popular in the world. Every day, the number of new participants is measured in tens of thousands. What caused so much popularity? How to use this social platform? What opportunities does it offer? All this will be discussed in this article-review.

Twitter History

For the first time social service Twitter was launched on March 21, 2006. On that day, there was the first public message left by founder Jack Dorsey. It looks like this: “Setting up my twttr” (. English “to customize your Twitter”). Originally we planned to use the service as a platform for the exchange of short messages between Odeo employees of the company, which specializes in software development. Message length should be 140 characters. Web site architecture provides the instant publication of messages from users who have subscribed to the letter creator account. The first public version was presented in June 2006. Two years later billionth message was recorded.


Today, Twitter – a social network that gives owners the opportunity to leave the account on your page short messages up to 140 characters (limit again appeared in 2012). Wishes to register here to see not only the Twitter social network, but also an excellent opportunity for the dissemination of advertising.

Twitter Top 100 most followers


The great popularity of this site is also caused by a large number of well-known personalities who have official accounts. At one time the world experienced fashion on the registration page on Twitter to learn more about the thoughts of their idols. Everyone has the ability to quickly find a certain person, by typing in the search for his initials or nickname. News subscription allows you to receive the latest information about the positions left on the celebrity pages.

In addition, Twitter has become one of the most powerful news sites. Thanks to its simple, but at the same time, an effective system of hashtags, everyone has the opportunity to become acquainted with the various information that may be of interest.

How to create an account on Twitter

Go to the site, the visitor will see the following page:


There are two forms – login and registration. It is noteworthy that for the registration is not necessary to switch to a special page – the whole process is carried out on the main. It is recommended to enter a valid email address, as it will receive messages from the system. Let’s register in the social network.

After filling out the registration form will be made to a page in which the service prompts you to select a username. They have to be unique, otherwise the system will not allow to continue the registration account. After checking your details, click on the yellow button “Create Account”.

What is Twitter


Twitter will offer to get acquainted with the basic features. The screenshot below shows that tweet – a short message, the maximum length of which can not exceed 140 characters of text.

By clicking “Next”, the system will prompt twitter accounts of people who may be of interest to you. The list is a form of search, so finding the right people will be easy. These accounts belong necessarily popular people or specific communities.

Choosing the first 5 people who have subscribed to, the tape will be as follows:


After clicking the “Next” button, social network again offer to subscribe to the 5 famous people. In this case we are talking about users, sorted by categories, in which they are famous. The list contains categories such as “Politics”, “Art and Culture”, “Music”, “News”, “Sports”, and so on. That’s what kind of microblogging get interesting people in your account.

Again, by clicking on “Next”, Twitter will offer to add contacts. No need to worry about the safety of the data entered. The system ensures complete privacy thanks to the special security architecture. When choosing a particular service a new window will open on the page, through which you can securely log in to Twitter. The user also has the ability to find the right contacts to it using a search string. This is very handy in the event that the user does not know the contact information of your friends and loved ones.

And now, perhaps, one of the main action – download their avatars and add information about yourself. The system recommends adding photos in JPG, GIF or PNG-format, and its maximum value should be no more than 700 KB.

In the form of input information about yourself the value of the text should not exceed 160 characters with spaces. After finishing work on filling the form, click on the “Finish” button.

That’s all, Twitter account is registered. This is how your page will look like after a successful registration.

We make Twitter page

Twitter social network offers its users a wide design possibilities of your pages. To create a well-decorated page, you must use the program to edit photos. An excellent option in this case would be the online Photoshop, which is not a member find no difficulty. By clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner, choose “Preferences” menu.


Find the tab “Registration” and click on it.

The “Design” is as follows. The system prompts you to select one of the standard themes.

Under the list of advertised service Themeleon, which allows you to choose from thousands of themes to choose from presented. In fact, here is everything you need to create your own unique theme. Designer allows you to quickly beautify your page.

Restrictions on registration, as such, no. However, please refrain from the publication of images that are too frank or may offend other users.
Now let’s look at a quick tutorial how to use twitter, its features and advantages.

Twitter Features

Finding information on the hashtag

Hashtag – these are the key words that are put directly into the user’s message. With it, other users can quickly find information.

To find the information, you must use the search bar located here:


Before entering a keyword is required to put the pound sign (#). After he entered the keyword search. A space between the sign and the word should not be. For example, enter the hashtag  #obama. That’s what we’ve got:


The information is sorted by categories such as Videos, Photos and People.
How to make a retweet

Retweet, in fact, it is an alternative to repost on social networks VKontakte, Facebook and so on. The essence of this option is that the user puts on a tape from another user’s post, showing it to the readers who have subscribed to your account.

The most common way to retweet – to use a special key under the post. Let’s look at it on a concrete example.

We are on the Twitter page of the riders in the discipline Downhill Aaron Gwin. We liked the post, left on the page, and we want Retweet it to your page.

Select the icon “Retweet” and click on it.


The following window appears. Click on the “Retweet” button.

Retweet a post appeared on your page.

How to add a follower on Twitter

There are two ways to become a reader of a specific user. The first, and perhaps the most common – is sign up for an account person proposed for the common interest. For this is a special column, located on the right side of the site. Clicking the button “Follow” automatically turns you into follower (reader) of the selected user.



There is a second method. We are looking for in a person search that interests us. After that move on his personal page. “Follow” button located on the right side of the page. Clicking on it will automatically be signed to your account on the selected user.

View a list of your followers

On the page you can view a list of your followers, those who signed up for you.

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