Tom Clancy’s The Division: War in abandoned world

Tom Clancy's The Division

Developer Ubisoft Massive
Publisher Ubisoft
Director Julian Gerighty, Magnus Jansen, Ryan Barnard
Composer Ola Strandh
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre Third-person shooter
Mode Multiplayer

Tom Clancy’s: The Division – a cross-platform computer game in the genre of TPS and MMO RPG.
In 2001, a group of scientists and politicians has launched a project called Dark Winter, which represents a special program designed to test the ability of the company to quickly respond to a bio-terrorist attack. The simulation revealed how quickly everything can be destroyed, leading to many deaths and the total collapse of civilized society. The epidemic begins during Black Friday in New York – the most massive purchases of the day in the year. The game is set a few years later, in New York, which is divided into several zones. Players control the rebels, who are fighting with the government forces and each other for resources and weapons.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: not the apocalypse that we dreamed

With the momentous announcement at E3 The Division has been three years. The game was postponed and postponed, hoping to push its full potential on the new console, clearly not ready for such implementation. Out of this standard – the game is partially cut, and released at the time when it could so few people impress and delight, as in 2013, the year. However, even in this form The Division is still one of the main projects of the year, which means it’s time to spread it on the shelves.

Tom Clancy's The Division-8

The Division goes beyond the bounds of our understanding of the usual postapokalipsise and survival. Once in New York, a wave of artificially derived virus disease, Manhattan Island became poluvymershim, but not so much that the streets could not meet people, doctors, scientists or army. The disease still exists, the fight against it is still underway, so the apocalypse in his swing, well, and in the center of the plot special agents, who are doing everything possible to save and help.

The game is meant to be a mixture of the MMO, co-op and single player game, and in each of its member she had some success. In Manhattan, there are safe zones where players communicate, gather in teams and then go out into reality, without podzagruzok, but simply running out the door. You can run out and alone, will not change anything, just go and do the job will not be as interesting. Yes, if you do not have one, that the world around will be no other players and The Division will complete singlovoj game.

So now for a moment forget that the game is cooperative. The Division – is the first game from Ubisoft, and she suffers from exactly the same sores, which affects all Ubisoft first big projects last nine years. They come up with a great concept, coming up with a bunch of mechanics, however, forget that the world should be filled with something, in addition to graphics and gameplay. The world is filled with The Division monotonous repetitive tasks, primitive fire with shelter and finding hundreds of collectibles to have something to occupy themselves apart from the above. You just walk down the street, turn to the closest marker setting, perform it for five to seven minutes and move on. To say that the sad task – is to praise the entire creative team. Sometimes even room for assignments in different parts of the city are repeated, what else can be said about the inner meaning of each of them: “Bring / kill / enable” and repeat it fifty times.

Tom Clancy’s The Division fotos

And all for what? To the operator praised on the radio that it was possible to pump base and open the one ability that the player will never be used to get one to a level that will allow a little more quickly to deal with crowds of enemies, flooded Manhattan to get a gun on +50 damage, although noticeable difference should be at least 1000. Jobs bribe only its brevity. For three or four jobs can take the level and get a great boost to his sense of his own greatness. It made very primitive, but the race for the level of delays in earnest.

Among that’s just such primitive tasks are sometimes found the plot. They even offer additional lobby, so you can call the players, if traveling alone, as well as the complexity of the change, if the common enemies enough for you and you want to test yourself against armored. In fact, these missions are no different from the summary in terms of jobs themselves, but much longer and with comments kvestodatelya on the radio.

But perhaps the most interesting is hidden in the MMO element? Not at all. In the so-called “dark zone” players running across the crowd and shot at an armored bandits. Can be combined into groups, you can act out the role of renegades and shoot at each other, you can just run for groups and collect all that after they left, or go into the dangerous virus and infected area and look for artifacts left there – ammunition or money.

In such areas, the minimum level is constantly growing. For example, if you have a character in the range from 15 to 19 level, the zone will be the same, if higher, respectively gaming “layer” also is another, more powerful enemies and players.

In the “dark zone” has its own pumping and more valuable artifacts from the area just not vynesesh: artifacts it is necessary to evacuate through the challenge of helicopters. The moment when a player causes a helicopter to him from all over the territory of the other players running up to the evacuation of the cargo and the enemies who are trying to stop them. There has not been seen this too strong the PvP, on the contrary, everything is constantly trying to help each other, treat, support, cover. It turns out a such a global team of more than four standard players who together clean a large area without much interest, and Challenge.

Tom Clancy's The Division-7

Again, such is interesting only in the company, and alone The Division is a sketch rather than something finished. Here beautiful crafted world, is very beautiful graphics with an almost revolutionary model damage from shots (damage from the explosions have not delivered), there are a lot of different enemies, each with their own features and behavior. But there is nothing to play with nothing to live, no one to empathize. In the game, despite the presence of a single pass, as such there is no single, but the main story has to be assembled with the world on a string, and not the fact that look for.

The Division was the typical result of high expectations and a timid attempt to create a new word in the genre. Like Assassin’s Creed, like Watch Dogs, like The Crew, how much more that has paid off, but it could be able to fully open or only in the subsequent parts. Fans of endless grind here will be comfortable, but for those who like a more intelligent gameplay, I recommend such a very expensive product can not. If you like any by Destiny, and The Division then enjoy the benefit in many ways he was her superior. In all other cases, it is better to begin to focus on the second part, where traditionally the authors through the publisher will find the right approach and can provide the necessary content for the hit.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Final verdict

Application for a million, but if you compare the expectations with the result, it is more like The Division not rocket salvo, and timid, “a bunch of” modest boy on a crowded bus. Were it not for this game advertising and long-term expectations, then the demand would be less. On the other hand, during this time the developers could put into play not only the graphics and endless grind, but also something more substantial.

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