Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online Review


More recently, the genre shareware shooters seemed entirely farmed out to various clones of Counter-Strike. But today, more and more major studios and publishers are paying attention to it, releasing far more quality than usual in such cases, the game.

At first his word said Crytek company: they largely revolutionary Warface fairly stagnant swamp of free-to-play action games, standing in a row with such giants as Call of Duty and Battlefield 3. And just recently entered into battle and publisher Ubisoft. The French launched open beta Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online, which, as it turned out, too, have something to surprise players.

A series of tactical action games Ghost Recon has a long and glorious history, but the last part of many criticize just for the lack of tactics. And in the online version of it and we did not wait. But it turned out quite the opposite: Ghost Recon Online stands out is its unusual tactical component.


Experienced players, has seen many shareware shooter, Ghost Recon Online initially no surprise. Players choose one of three character classes (Sniper, Engineer or attack) and fight with each other. The open beta is represented by only a few modes, and they all boil down to the struggle of two teams (red and conditionally blue, with a maximum of 8 men each) for the control points that need to capture, retain and protect for some time.

In place of the standard testing system: kill, for example, 50 enemies with a machine gun and won three matches – get bonuses. These tasks are grouped into so-called “skill” that gradually opens with increasing character level. There are daily quests, when you will be asked in the next 24 hours to win three rounds of any one class or, for example, to win one match for the red team. Finally, there is a mini-tasks for each specific weapon model – killing out of it a certain number of enemies, you will increase the critical damage caused by this “trunk”.

Each class in the game a truly unique gameplay

Participation in the fighting brings experience and special coins Ghost Coin, which you can buy and improve equipment. All the same improvements and guns, and you can buy for real money. New types of ammunition are unlocked with the increase in the level of your character. In addition, each class should be pumped separately. In general, there is still more or less standard.


But the battles themselves are not quite on a template. Players who are accustomed to immediately run to the battle with his sword unsheathed, then do not last long: they were quickly stopped by a bullet in the forehead, released from the shelter. And the enemy who is hiding behind it, does not necessarily even have to look out there to notice you. For example, a sniper can use the special Oracle device that illuminates the ultraviolet all enemies within the unit of action, even if they themselves are sitting behind some wall.

Shelter and unique for each class of devices (you do not forget that Ghost Recon – is a fancy futuristic special forces?) – Is the basis of this game. On any map every five meters you can find a quiet place: some walls, columns, window overlapping boxes with accessories. Choose to taste, arrange and shoot enemies. The controls are very convenient: the character is behind cover, by pressing a single button and using the other to quickly jump through it. To reach the most salutary wall under heavy enemy fire, it is possible, just like in Warface, fall on the run and pass the remainder of the way, sorry ass.


It is clear that in such circumstances, especially feel good snipers, the benefit they can not only see enemies through walls, and use the temporary invisibility. Battles in Ghost Recon Online is often transformed into a kind of entertainment for campers: the players for a long time sitting behind cover and each other through the optics of a sniper rifle. The winner is usually the most patient.

Effectively play for the other classes are also possible, you just need to correctly use their unique devices. Thus, the attack can quickly shorten the distance to the entrenched somewhere sniper, holding in front of a bullet-proof shield, and the engineer is able to generate a protective field and disable enemy electronic devices. Snipers cover stormtroopers with shields, those attacks, and engineers the ability to deactivate the time opponents to take them by surprise. That’s a well-coordinated work of the tactical game and is disclosed for real.

At higher levels, each class has access to tools that work for the whole team: snipers learn how to tag enemies, revealing their location on the map, attack will be to restore and protect the health of the Allies, and engineers – to quickly replenish your ammo and a stranger.


The game implements a powerful system to improve equipment. Each trunk and each body armor can be upgraded in many parameters. Initially the weapon in your hands walking shaking, she gives much while shooting, sight slowly zooms to the goal. The money earned in battle, you can buy a variety of modifications that increase the rate of fire and ammunition, reduce returns, decrease the spread of bullets. The armor you can put a variety of plates and modules: one to increase the resistance to damage, the other increase the level of health and accelerate regeneration.

Another trump card Ghost Recon Online – the quality design of the cards. Technology is not used in the game, so that the cards are not very large. Battles take place in urban surroundings – on all construction sites, warehouses and underground stations. Each map is full of interesting cubbyhole, taps and bypass paths that allow you to ambush, to go on the flank and in other ways to complicate the life of the enemy.


Ghost Recon Online – shooter in which you need to think first and then act. There is no technique and not as rapidly as in other network shooter, but there unusual equipment and the possibility of winning, well-playing team. Now Ghost Recon Online is not enough modes and maps, but the game just started, so that the content – just a matter of time. The main thing is that the play is already interesting.

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