The Witcher Battle Arena review

The Witcher Battle Arena review

A new game from the authors of one of the best RPG series

MOBA genre nowadays enjoys extraordinary popularity. After the release of Dota 2 and League of Legends similar games began to appear like mushrooms after rain. CD Projekt RED decided to keep up with this trend, which is why they are presented to the public Witcher Battle Arena.

From the outset, it was announced that the new game will be not on personal computers, where there is an overflow similar projects and the relatively new for this genre of games for mobile devices market. Let us see that in the end turned out at the renowned studio.

The Witcher Battle Arena Gameplay

Gameplay is a mixture of normal and MOBA games, oddly enough, capture the flag mode of any shooter. It consists in the fact that we need to capture and hold 3 points, while the enemy’s points slowly decrease. For the game we given 2 cards that anything other than the graphic component, do not differ

At the beginning of the match, we have to choose one of the 9 (!) Characters. And no, this is not a typo.

Each of the characters their own different skills and attack style. There are melee characters, and far, as well as magicians. In addition, for every battle character gains experience. And then begin Unlike other games of this genre. Character can be configured. You can change every skill, customize it to fit your style of play. For example, sacrificing damage can accelerate overcharging or increase the radius of action.

The match lasts 5-10 minutes. The ideal time to not have time to get bored and go to the right subway station.

Graphic arts

For mobile game, Witcher Battle Arena has nice graphics. Especially, in my opinion, failed character design. All the characters are similar to themselves from the main game, a good level of detail, smooth animation. Maps on which the matches, in turn, are not very beautiful, but still not hurt the eyes with its design.

Money Talks

That’s the most interesting – built-in purchase. Characters are distributed on the basis of League of Legends, that is, each week you are given only three characters. If you want to get unlimited access to the character – pay. Also at your local store, you can purchase additional skins for the characters or weapons.

All this can be purchased for real money or for a patient in-game currency. On average, for the victory give about 15 local units, and the defeat 5, so you should be patient.

The Witcher Battle Arena Gameplay Tutorial

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