Description :

Run, jump, and slide your way through The Pit!

Watch out for deadly traps as you race against the most dangerous terrain.
Choose to play as multiple characters by collecting coins to unlock new ones. Compete with your friends for the highest score.

How far can you go?


KetchApp Studio has released a new product that, while not getting out of the previously set vector developers genre, but still is sweet and funny. The game became known as The Pit, and is completely free.


The Pit – is the clearest representative of the classic arcade games. Under our management is a strange creature, vaguely resembling a dinosaur, and the arsenal of available actions is very habitual ways of interacting with the game.

One tap on the screen will cause the protagonist to make the leap, if you will make in-flight re-tap dinosaur immediately make another jump. Here, in principle, and all you need to know is that when clamping the screen will make the protagonist tackle, and when you come out of it will automatically make the leap.


Last aforementioned principle in terms of game difficulty is not a god, but a feature that helps you to avoid more than a dozen fiasco. Location in The Pit is designed as a straight section of the road, so in the game you do not have to enter the turns and look for more convenient routes for the passage of – in this respect the game is very primitive and straightforward.
The lack of opportunity to influence the speed and motion vector character offset by a huge number of deadly obstacles: circular saws, fireballs, energy fields, spikes, press, and the Conventional cliffs and can not speak.

While driving on the location should not forget about the collection of precious coins game that will open new characters. Latest in The Pit differ only in appearance and do not add any variation events of the game. To access most of the new heroes need to save 2000 coins. This is done for a long time, so much more rational to look advertisements several times, it will give you 250 free coins. Advertising rarely appears in the game, but if that number suffer unbearable – you can always turn off advertisements for real money.

Game: The Pit | Free | Universal app | Download


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