The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim review

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim review

Despite good sales and condescending attitude of the players, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion lot of that criticism: almost dead spaces of the game, in which almost nothing happens outside the quest stories, limited the AI, which was not anything capable but aimless vacillation on locations, horrible automatic modeling of facial features, which is why all the hundreds of NPC were vaguely similar to each other, as the appearance and the general deformity, as well as a large number of caves that are tired of their monotonous and intricate design.

With such significant deficiencies, the Oblivion conquered an amazing sense of atmosphere, a lot of interesting quests and simply fabulous work of artists.

Although before the release The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was no doubt in the success of the next part of the ancient scrolls, remained open another question: how big the step will dare to make a game developer – the company Bethezda, in the evolution of his main series. After all, in recent years, came Dragon Age, Mass Effect and The Witcher, who made a solid leap forward in building the game world.

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The Elders Scrolls foreshadowed their return …

First what we mean by running the game, that’s what Bethesda true to yourself. Start The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will cause a warm wave of deja vu from fans of the series: you are not a prisoner of the past and you are being taken for execution. Your “brothers in misfortune,” briefly introduces you to the course of what is happening: c the end of Oblivion took 200 years, the province of Tamriel – Skyrim torn by civil war and imperial guards just took us for another rebel.

And now, lying his head on the block, we are witnessing a remarkable by the standards of the world events of Skyrim: penalty interrupts handy flew aggressive dragon. This is the main plot of the game, because the dragons became extinct many centuries ago, and nobody knows where they again took to the open spaces of Skyrim.

As it turns out later, due to the appearance of dragons approaching end of the world and only the Dragonborn (the person in whose veins flows the blood of the dragon) is able to stop the inevitable end. What would be the most Dragonborn even talk will not, all who have ever watched a little Skyrim advertising company should be aware of.

Already on the entry shows that the designers want to give the game setting the scale, which lacked the previous games of the series Elder Skrolls. Another issue is that they do the tools that they got as much since The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. In the eye catches an old technology, which is made of Skyrim. Despite the application developers a completely new engine, as well as the fantasy of some fans idTech5 engine from id Software, which was used in the RAGE recently, the miracle did not happen. Skyrim technology is ground Oblivion technology, which in turn is processed thoroughly Morrowind technology.

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To save the situation, as always in the games Bethezda artists. In the world of Skyrim dominated by restrained colors: white snow of the northern regions is replaced by brown-gray expanse of central cities and moving into autumn orange-beige shades the southern parts of the province. But the amount of detail in the design of the landscape passes for all conceivable limits: every bump, every piece of withered grass, every hill and mountain developed with such love that even with such severe and restrained climate, both in Skyrim, do stop to enjoy the next valley, opening at the foot of snow-capped mountains. Although even the talented artists will not save you from the sometimes muddy low-resolution textures on some minor rock or in a cave far. Thank you I must say, as mentioned above, the outdated engine.

It is worth noting, and facial animation, which has not changed since 2006. Of course all the characters of the game no longer look relatives, escape from the cabinet of curiosities, in the Oblivion, but in comparison with Fallout 3, from the same Bethezda, there is a difference only in the detail models.

Same story with the character animation, which, though has become more diverse, but more or less decently could only look in 2006. Who are these ridiculous movements for Class A games cause only confusion, and often more, and irritation when the scenario assumed an epic battle of the past against the mighty dragon, and the characters feebly waving the sword before the nose of the enemy, even without touching it – I swear, I want to send in Bethezda office disk with Mass Effect or The Witcher 2 and show that technical progress is not limited to the means of expression that have come from the times of Morrowind, and already very close to the cinema.

Combat system is only refreshed the opportunity to take in each hand any weapon or spell. Simultaneous use of a spell or two swords with two hands doubles the damage, and the ability to take the sword in one hand and in the other a healing spell not just save your skin. The rest of the familiar with the combat system of Oblivion will feel at home in Skyrim.

Desired changes are introduced and animated finishing, with relish that advertised rollers preceded exit the game: the player little depends, they occur randomly, if the game thinks you kill an enemy with a single blow. So no combo did not happen, and they have a variety of easy only in the visual part of the battle.

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Stronger changes have been role-playing system. Increasing the level of skills depends on pumping, which, as before, will automatically grow as they are used. Many waved a one-handed sword? You get a bonus to this skill. With each new level, we are free to choose a skill that will be increased (supply of manna, health or strength) and get one point, which can be spent on a new ability. Abilities can increase, for example, damage of a dagger concealed position just 10 times. In general, the role-playing system has become simpler and easier. On the other hand, the pump jack of all trades has now become much easier, that many people can enjoy it.

And although the main storyline of the game was quite small, and it can be safely run for a few hours, seeing God forbid 20 percent of the game world. But that was long understood that people play in The Elder Scrolls, not for the basic plot, but for the sake of secondary quests that allow even deeper dive into the virtual world and to feel its full part. Because the developers have focused on building up the content. As a result, the quests are given at every step, almost every character has its own little story, a small secondary job in one or two steps will enable to pump a little more and find out a little better the rich world around the player. At first, entertain even randomly generated mission to sweep the various caves, but eventually you realize that they are totally unnecessary, because in the game, and so for a huge number of working tasks, which can be found even in the most remote forests on the outskirts of game cards.

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Summarizing, we can say that we have received is the same as in 2006 with the release of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, only better and more. In words, it may look sad, but it is worth every run Skyrim and you can no longer be detached from the monitor, as it will delay you with his head in his snow-covered steppe. Because in fact the developers of Bethezda its own genre of RPG, which acts only they (and of their assistants Fallout: NW of Obsidian). And once again they managed to create the illusion of a large open world full of harsh adventures.

On the one hand, each new part of The Elder Scrolls does not bode revolutionary new, everyone knows that in the end will turn out and how it will be played. On the other, in each new part so small changes are often not visible at first glance, that accuse the creators of stagnant language does not turn.

But each time, this approach will cause less and less enthusiasm. While BioWare (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) and the CD project Red (The Witcher) trying to bring new elements to the gameplay, add non-linearity and a real impact player in the plot, pull quality productions and directing a Hollywood level, Bethezda adds to the game the opportunity to forge daggers.

It is infinitely small, and want to see the developers have deduced the formula of his game, invented ten years ago, on a truly new level. And soon all aspects of their creations will look like greetings from the distant past, even if performed at an unattainable level for many.

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