The Duckforce Rises REVIEW

The Duckforce Rises REVIEW

Description :

Protect Duckburg from vile villains! Control heroes like Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge and other outrageous Disney characters in epic card battles!

Opponents include Magica De Spell, Valkyrie Duck, the Beagle Boys and many more! Teleport your heroes to stunning battle environments like Dawson City, Mount Vesuvius, and the Streets of Duckburg! Gyro Gearloose will help you in the fight—creating health packs and producing energy that will teleport you to new battles. Use the Hero Manager to upgrade your character with new cards… and unlock new characters for further adventures!


You also remember the intro of this cartoon?
That here to be honest, DuckTales – is one of the most striking and memorable cartoons of our childhood. Only one animated series of the opening melody mysterious and inexplicably made me drop everything and just stick to the TV screen. Seeing the game in the App Store “The Duckforce Rises” I’m obeying nostalgia, involuntarily reached for the button to download and then was pleasantly surprised.

Plot twists and turns take us all the same painfully familiar Dakburg city that has become home to many well-known fictional characters. Endless evil in the game expressed as Magica De Spell, which reached the restricted books, and did not hesitate to use it to achieve their greedy purposes. Various creatures climbed directly from the pages of the book and now the city has become a serene abode of chaos and terror, but it has its heroes.
As an absolute good acts inimitable anthropomorphic duck billionaire Uncle Scrooge and his nephew Donald Duck. It is these characters would defend the city in the early stages of the game. Subsequently, our valiant team will grow, taking the other characters, but on the battlefield at the same time there can be only two protagonists.


In its game mechanics The Duckforce Rises is a classic card Buttler, who have deigned to take in the game process and some elements typical of computer role-playing games – the most modest part of it. We have as many as 80 levels, which are opened one by one. As you progress through the game we will be able to open new characters and expose them pumping, increasing the basic indicators and expanding range of combat capabilities.
The battles in the game take place in steps. Despite the fact that we are able to take into battle only two characters, the developers somehow provided us with three active actions per turn. While the number of enemy action pack is equivalent to the number of characters declared in the battle.

Cards in the game take on the responsibilities of skills – they can be both protective and attacking. In regard to the graphic they are implemented entirely in the spirit caused by the setting: we need to throw off the heads of the enemies of heavy metal objects to make shots from artillery weapons, and even resort to magic.
Any color card game, of course, the cards themselves, so with the latest in The Duckforce Rises no problems there. The assets of the protagonists of a huge amount of both conventional and super attacks. But the enemy squad does not grow on arms – each unit is rich with unique capabilities.

Very pleased with the fact that the game only two types of game currency – the gold and crystals. You will not believe, but he and the other well-earned by passing levels and performance achievements. The game also has an energy that is recovered after the time if you do not want to wait, you can instantly buy gold coins for the charges.
The game has no spontaneous advertising and other irritants. Of course, there is the commercials, but particularly in this case, their presence can only be happy: just 15-20 minutes of advertising and your energy is restored, or the amount of earned resources instantly doubles – sometimes very helpful.

But the main thing The Duckforce Rises, as you must remember – it’s nostalgia. Developers managed to convey the atmosphere of magnificent precious DuckTales through quality graphics implementation and an impressive array of characters. Go to revise that a couple of seasons?

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