The Brothers Grimsby 2016 review

The Brothers Grimsby

Directed by Louis Leterrier
Produced by Sacha Baron Cohen, Peter Baynham, Ant Hines, Nira Park, Todd Schulman
Screenplay by Sacha Baron Cohen, Phil Johnston
Story by Sacha Baron Cohen, Peter Baynham, Phil Johnston
Starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson, Penélope Cruz, Isla Fisher, Gabourey Sidibe
Music by Erran Baron Cohen, David Buckley
Cinematography Oliver Wood
Edited by Jonathan Amos, Evan Henke, James Thomas
Production companies Big Talk Productions, Four By Two Films, LStar Capital, Village Roadshow Pictures, Working Title Films
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates 11 March 2016
Budget $35 million

The meeting separated in childhood and lost brothers – it is always great, and many Hollywood directors have received a lot of gold-plated statuettes for what joined the family in his films. Writer, producer, actor and master stunning impromptu Sacha Baron Cohen for his new film will receive a maximum of the “Golden Raspberry”, but he did it with a smile on his face, as his task – to create the most challenging movie, which will be discussed. And yes, he has again got it.

Sacha Baron Cohen – a person, who love and hate, and often all at once and do it the same people. He punk world of cinema: not constrained by morality, is not constrained by decorum, ridicules that it is impossible to make fun of, and so, as it is impossible to make fun of. Politics, drugs, AIDS, war, terrorism, racial and sexual minorities, dictatorship, hunger and even death itself. In light of the fact there are very few who would not be ridiculed and debased Cohen. Nevertheless, the topic is not exhausted, so he continued to make films, causing a shock. “Brothers from Grimsby” filled with shocking content to the eyeballs, and let out the film not as fun as it is usually the case with Cohen.

The plot revolves around two brothers orphaned. Junior received a good education, became an agent of British intelligence, and the senior lives in slums, gets drunk and constantly makes the children. One day their paths cross, and now the second brother to help save the world from the first regular terrorist threat. Make it quite difficult, because the elder is still an idiot.

This kind of comedy is not news cinema world. Since its appearance on the screens of the James Bond spy parody and humor independent projects about special agents have become an integral part of our lives. I have to say that this film is distinguished from all other phenomenal impudence, as well as a huge pile of jokes beneath baseboards and just a huge pile of stinking.

Almost immediately it becomes clear that Cohen wanted to play in a very powerful action film with lots of beautiful chase, shooting and fighting. The very first action scene, by the way, is removed from a first-person and causes the movie to wait for “Hardcore” even more, because it looks like a really fresh to the genre. Previously, this was only in video games and their film adaptations (although it is better to forget about the fact that the film DooM exists), and now leaking and the usual action-movie.

But, of course, Cohen could not take the normal action-thriller, although he had the chance. “Brothers from Grimsby” – such as comedy, as well as the previous films of Cohen, but without random people on the streets, as the direction in such a project is even more important than in “Borat” and “Bruno.” Jokes about been wiped out shit – it’s the lesser of all that once again head and share the author. And at the local humor there is a very strange feature. If the jokes are just fun, they look fresh and almost do not work. And working just such a joke, from which was to simply throw up a theatrical chair.

Even traditional for such spyware militant pathos junction with self-sacrifice for the sake of the salvation of mankind is transformed into the most severe sortirny banter, which is unpleasant to remember, even though it was funny. Beat these classic and formulaic finals militants amazing, and this despite the fact that the value of the film does not bear any, and revise such only the bravest dare.

This movie is perfect in her disgusting and horrible from the moral and ethical point of view. This is when a film advance meant so bad that sometimes becomes extremely good. None of criticism do not want such a compliment, or he just lost readers in his right mind. Quarreled a lot easier, “Kintz for cattle”, “appreciate Tuparí Language”, “well only under pivasik” etc.

Not really. “Brothers from Grimsby” – a vile movie for anyone who loves nasty film of Cohen. Prohibitively absurd, unlimited by any framework. Like Adam Sandler, actor is in your niche and create a genre that he himself and decorates. If you are not able to accept it initially, that means “Brothers of Grimsby” you in any case do not like. But if you work with Cohen on the same wavelength, find aesthetics in disgusting, enough tired of the genre “spy movie” and accidentally missed Kingsman, it’s only in this case, the movie will play for you exactly as it was conceived. He’s good and bad at the same time, it is impossible to watch and impossible to break away from it (simply because they do not believe that such a horror in general someone guessed lift). Impressions is the car, but they are positive or not, it depends on the factors mentioned above.

Final verdict
Poop, abuse of sick children, animal abuse, ridicule minorities, humiliation of women, even more humiliating men, shorts, socks, mattresses, drugs, football – in general, all that you are so much like the author, is back again. For better or worse, objectively say is extremely difficult.

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Mark Strong and Sacha Baron Cohen in Columbia Pictures' THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY.
Mark Strong and Sacha Baron Cohen in Columbia Pictures’ THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY.

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