The Abandoned REVIEW

The Abandoned REVIEW

Description :

The Abandoned – 3D-horror adventure where you have to survive in the Zone, full of dangers and mysteries. Your main goal – to stay alive and find a way home, fighting monsters and completing story missions.

In order not to die, collect supplies, hunt, build shelter and storage. Properly resource consumption, and you can create a variety of tools, weapons and equipment. Over time, you will be able to settle quite comfortably, unless careful. However, the world of the Zone – not the place where you want to age, and you should try to find a way home. And even if you make a mistake, you know – death is only the beginning. Start a new adventure!


All these games are three-in-a-row, runners and monotonous shooters so tired that already want something new and unknown. What about the horror adventure? We are, quite frankly, “stuck” in the new game of this genre, entitled The Abandoned and must admit it – what you need. And those who read the review before the end, get a nice surprise!
Imagine, suddenly you find yourself in an area full of dangers and mysteries. Around nothing – no people, no shops, no place to even sleep. With a you have nothing: the disposal of just what you’ll find – sticks, stones, twigs and so on. There is not the slightest idea where you are and what can wait in this area.

In this situation, you have only two purposes: to survive and find your way home. This will help the interesting story missions, but most of the work for you, no one will do. In order not to die, you need to constantly gather supplies, hunt, build shelter. If found to spend resources wisely, eventually you will be able to master. But do not be sure that one day back will not appear zombies.

It offers a variety of recipes with which you can create a variety of subjects – from the ax and pick up a grenade, backpack or even caps. Nobody will bring on a silver platter. You want to start a fire? Obtain the necessary items. And that it is not extinguished, the fire toss in new fuels.

If you are bold enough and go explore the territory, be prepared to face the zombies, many of which are not so easy to handle. In addition, to avoid anomalous zones, where you can get chemical damage and die.

The Abandoned REVIEW

One of the advantages of The Abandoned – a game in the first person, which makes it even more interesting. Particularly suggested to play with headphones, so the feeling of fear and terror becomes even stronger. By the way, this is one of the chips in play – a world completely changes at nightfall. If the day is still possible to somehow develop and fend off the zombies, the night can not be without weapons in their hands, since the activity of creatures increases several times.


In many ways, especially The Abandoned resemble a game Stalker – mysterious anomalies (aura around houses aberration, the affected area, the various effects). Hero could easily get crazy if you do not keep it running. There is a steep three game modes: story, adventure and survival – no need to search for the way home, take quests, you must survive as long as possible and settle as comfortable as possible.

The Abandoned combines unusual: a large indoor world, but at the same time full freedom of action. If you want to eat? Kindly make a fire and roast meat. Recover? Shake the bush to collect the berries from it.

The Abandoned REVIEW

However, to age in the world of the zone you would not want to, so finding the way home is required. Frankly, we are all edited “are stuck” in this game for a few days, since it is made really high quality. No pesky built shopping, you are completely on your own.

And especially for our readers developers have provided some promo codes for free download games. Just put them in the access would be too easy, so you have to try: insert asterisks instead of a letter or digit.

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So feel free to download the game from the link below and experience the same emotions that we experienced. And most importantly – always be on the lookout!

Game: The Abandoned | 0.99$ | Universal app | Download


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