Team L5 LITE 3D SSD 1TB, 480GB, 240GB, 120GB

Team L5 LITE 3D SSD features

  • 3D NAND – excellent choice for upgrade
  • Read/write speed is 4 times faster than traditional hard drive – breathe new life into old system
  • Smooth read/write speed – up to 470 MB/s of reading speed is able to enhance the speed and performance of the overall system
  • Ultra lightweight and slim – 2.5-inch hard drive with just 7.0 mm thickness, it can be installed on laptop or any other system
  • Support S.M.A.R.T. technology – monitoring hard drive status efficiently
  • Support TRIM – bring out its best performance on the compatible operating system
  • Three years product warranty with free technical support service

Team L5 LITE 3D SSD Specifications

  • Model L5 LITE 3D
  • Interface SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) – with backwards compatibility to SATA Rev. 2.0
  • Capacity 120GB / 240GB / 480GB / 1TB
  • Voltage DC 5V
  • Operation Temperature 0°C ~ 70°C


ATTO / Crystal Disk Mark:

  • 120GB Read: Up to 470MB/s Max ; Write: 300MB/s
  • 240GB Read: Up to 470MB/s Max ; Write: 400MB/s
  • 480GB Read: Up to 470MB/s Max ; Write: 420MB/s
  • 1TB Read: Up to 500MB/s Max ; Write: 480MB/s


  • 120GB 4K Random Read/Write: 30K/40K IOPS max
  • 240GB 4K Random Read/Write: 65K/70K IOPS max
  • 480GB 4K Random Read/Write: 70K/70K IOPS max
  • 1TB 4K Random Read/Write: 80K/70K IOPS max
  • Dimensions 100 x 69.9 x 7 mm
  • Humidity 0°C to 55°C / 5% ~ 95% RH,non-condensing
  • Vibration 20G (non-operating)
  • Shock 1500G
  • MTBF 1,000,000 hours

Operating System

  • Desktop or notebook computer with a SATA III interface
  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista, MAC OS 10.4 or later, Linux 2.6.33 or later
  • Warranty 3-year limited warranty

Welcome to the new era of 3D NAND

The latest generation of 3D NAND flash memory has overcome the technical barrier of 2D NAND and has enhanced the overall capacity, performance, and reliability. Unlike the 2D planar flash memory, 3D NAND increases storage capacity by stacking up cells in the vertical direction. It not only provides a better performance and endurance but also breaks through the technical limitation of planar chips.

4 times of speed improvement

The L5 LITE 3D solid state drive is 4 times faster* than the traditional hard drive. Its excellent performance and read/write speed not only allow fast boot/shutdown time but also speed up the response time of all applications, so consumers can enjoy the high-speed performance immediately after the upgrade. The lightweight and zero hassle advantage make it the best product to replace the traditional hard drive.

Lightweight and compact with various capacities for selection

The L5 LITE 3D solid state drive has an industry-standard 2.5-inch. With the only 7mm in height, it is best suited for Ultrabooks on the market. Whether it is for laptop or desktop, the upgrade can be done quickly. It is using SATA III 6Gbps specification and capacities available in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 1TB, etc. With read speed up to 470 MB/s*, it not only improves the computer performance, but it is also the best bargain available.

Solid, durable, total protection

The L5 LITE 3D solid state drive is using 3D NAND flash memory chip, which is durable, shockproof, drop resistant and offers a total protection for the data. Even if you accidentally drop your computer or it landed on a hard surface, it can still prevent damages and data corruption from accidents.

Perfect long term operation

The L5 LITE 3D solid state drive supports Windows TRIM optimization command which is able to release free blocks, allowing an operating system to use them later immediately when writing data. The optimized access control technology of NCQ can speed up the transfer and write performance of the SSD, and effectively reduces performance degradation and wear and tear of the drive. This can prolong the service life of the SSD perfectly.

Trustworthy reliability

L5 LITE 3D solid state drive’s built-in smart algorithm management mechanism has functions such as garbage collection which is able to ensure operational efficiency. The powerful Wear-Leveling technology and ECC (Error Correction Code) function enhance the reliability of data transfer.

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