Swing Copters 2 REVIEW

Swing Copters 2 REVIEW

Description :

Flying is now a serious business. Join us at Copters Inc.

Guide your pilot to go through obstacles. Get as many points as you can and recruit more pilots to your team.
– Tap to start engine and wait until your pilot is lifted
– Tap to change flying direction
– Avoid obstacles to fly higher
– Score as many point as you can

We hope you enjoy this sequel of Swing Copters 🙂


Do you still remember Dong Nguyen? This is the same guy who was released, probably one of the most controversial games in the App Store – Flappy Bird. Yes, I was quite surprised that, but Dong is still alive – he is not kindled by hateful comments in App Store. Moreover, the man continues its activities in the field of mobile game development. Personally, I’m looking forward to the release Flappy Bird 2, but the developer for some reason decided to develop a sequel to their less popular product, Swing Copters.
In terms of graphics the game is absolutely no different from the first part. Before us is the same pixel vertical arcade – the developer has remained faithful to take previously vector graphics. Yes, and the gameplay as a whole has not changed – the boy with a fan on the head trying to climb as high as possible, but they are prevented from swinging from side to side axes.


App Store is already slowly begin to fill the angry comments, and much of their authors write that the game has become even more difficult. Personally, I did not notice it – spending about 15-20 minutes of the game, I was able to gain exactly 1 point. In the same Flappy Bird I overcame a hundred green pipes than was extremely proud of – one more point in the treasury of the second part of the game about the bird.

And if everything remains in place, what sense was leaving Swing Copters 2? The developer has introduced to the game a new way to monetize. Together with the sale of advertising banners, the author of the game also sells new characters. And, in fairness, it should be noted that this is not just a set of new models, and some heroes, endowed with different indices of the following characteristics: control, as well as horizontal and vertical speed.

Open these same flying character is possible by means of medals of different quality, which we will get for the achievement of certain indicators. And you immediately disappointed – for 1 point in 2 Swing Copters medal is not provided. The second option the acquisition of the character – it is, of course, buy for real money. The rest of the game is completely free.

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