Super Monday Night Combat shooter about a blood sport


Said Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin – the famous Russian biologist who loved to cross different fruit and berry crops – crashed, falling from a palm tree, which climbed for the carrot. In the game industry, too, is full of experiments Michurin. Too often, developers have crossed a variety of genres in an attempt to get something just as exotic as a palm tree with carrots. Sometimes they even work. Last successful experiment – recently launched Super Monday Night Combat, the continuation of which was published in the winter 2011 Monday Night Combat.

Super Monday Night Combat has borrowed ideas once in three great games: DOTA, Unreal Tournament and Team Fortress 2. From “DotA” inherited the basic principles and purpose of the game. Similarly, two teams try to break through the enemy base. Similarly, for that they are fighting with enemy characters, turrets and bots. Bots – creeps in as the “Dote” – regularly occur nowhere monotone rod in the same direction. Heroes, as they should gradually save money, gain experience and improve skills.


From classic DOTA game is different locale. We fall into the future, where, as in the Unreal Tournament, “red” and “blue” teams fight in the bloody sports show for the amusement of the audience. No swords and magic, no fantasy! Heroes of the firing of rockets, lazerguns and shotguns, and one of the most convenient locations for shooting are the upper floors of high-rise buildings, where it is necessary to manage to jump through special jumps.

Class Heroes refer us to the Team Fortress 2. You can choose from 15 characters in five categories. There are snipers, machine gunners, attack-saboteurs, assassins and engineers who are able to restore the health and be strengthened allied heroes. As in any game of DOTA-shaped, success depends on how well you know the tactics of his character, his equip and how well are using the skills.


During combat, you earn money to immediately spend them. Throwing a coin into a special terminal, it is possible to obtain an increase in speed, instantly fill energy reserves or include health regeneration. To use springboards, also need to pay. And they need money to buy a particularly powerful robots that will act on the side of your team. As for real money, they are also used in the game, but the process is not particularly influenced by: a little help to quickly gain experience and the local currency, but still they can buy their new heroes funny costumes.

Role system Super Monday Night Combat is similar to what we have seen in the League of Legends. As you increase the level of the game and discover more abilities that affect all of your characters. Sami characters raise the level of combat and pumped skills (three active, unique to each, and two passive, common to all), but only until the end of the current game session. Combining the skills and combining different effects, you build your own sets of skills, and that use during the game. For example, if a character is slow, it is possible to add speed. Almost all provide the ability not only positive but also negative effects. For example, for an increased rate of fire will have to sacrifice its accuracy.


Nevertheless, in spite of all borrowing in Super Monday Night Combat has its own good finds. For example, through the use of trampolines here are very interesting cards. On each of them you can find a dozen places to circumvent the enemy from the rear, to shoot him from above or, for example, to get to the enemy base, passing all the “hot spots”. And on one of the maps called “Jungle”, you can blow super weapon carry all bots and engage shooting special “Games mascots” in exchange for bonuses and money.

Heroes – probably the best there is in the game. They have a kind of biography and such that, seeing it all for the first time, I want to laugh loudly and obscenely poking at the screen with your finger. How do you, for example, Leonardo da Vinci with a laser crossbow “Mona Laser”, which rolls on the field of battle on the globe, and periodically screaming “Renaissance taxis!” Skills is not quite the usual heroes. One of the heroines of the girls, for example, produces mechanical kittens that protect mistress.


Super Monday Night Combat is not overloaded with unnecessary features and intuitive to anyone who has played DOTA, League of Legends, or something like that. While the game is full of debt, and it has its own little tricks – such as energy shields with local turret can shoot only bots. This is not the most famous, but surprisingly good command action. If the game will continue to evolve in the same spirit, it will soon start talking about it much louder than it is now.

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