SUM IDEA – logic number puzzles REVIEW

SUM IDEA - logic number puzzles REVIEW

Description :

Pit your wits against Professor Addkins who is going all out to challenge your lateral thinking, traversing schematics, robotic blueprints and secret experiments in SUM IDEA’s 140 brain teasing number puzzles.


Until recently, I had no acquaintance with the studio Twiddly, and their first product that caught my eye was the game Sum Idea. I do not know how guys are things going with the development of the games of any other genre, but logic puzzles are excellent and made with high margin of complexity.

SUM IDEA - logic number puzzles REVIEW

In the App Store a huge amount of numerical puzzles, so I always appreciate in such games at least a small fraction of the original. Not sure absolutely all game concept Sum Idea will seem quite fresh. It is possible that something you’ve seen in other projects, but in general, the game does not seem somehow creepy copy-paste.

The task in each level – by the way, they are in the game 140 – about one: you must arrange the tiles with numbers as shown in the example above. Templates that should look like tiled structure after your manipulations on each level are always different. The tiles change places with simple swipe as a tag. It is also necessary to note the presence of a limit on the action: to complete a level, you can spend absolutely all the action, but to achieve the highest level of quality should always be the reserve.


The first ten levels traversed so simple that automatically start to get bored. Once, very suddenly and without warning, begin complexity. Firstly, due to a serious tile designs, for which the arrangement is given more and more action – in fact, the more reserved in the level of action, the more difficult level itself. Second, thanks to the introduction of new elements to the game.

First, we have to settle for conventional tiles with numbers, changing places that absolutely nothing happens. After there will be special tiles with signs “plus” or “minus”. When interacting with them on a number of other tiles will either increase or decrease. Therefore, initially at the level may not be necessary numbers, they need to receive the own using the above procedures.

SUM IDEA - logic number puzzles REVIEW

The game «Sum Idea – logic number puzzles» is free of charge. Monetization of the product is carried out through the sale of in-game content. For example, the game is very actively selling tips that, given the fact that the levels are opened after the passage of the previous series, so many will be interested. But the real pleasure of gameplay you get when you pass it all himself.

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