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Although S2 Games is not at the hearing in the main mass of fans of video games, this is not the American studio shameful record. For more than ten years, she is engaged in online games and achieved notable successes in this field. In the first half of the 2000s, the company celebrated an unusual hybrid of strategy and action Savage, in 2010 released of MOBA-game Heroes of Newerth, and just recently launched open beta testing their new project in the same genre, Strife.

The basis of gameplay in Strife is the same as in other combat arenas: three separated jungle paths on the map, tower, computer-controlled troops – “creeps” and five characters on each side who are trying to break the enemy base and destroy it. The Strife is different from the other representatives of the genre – it’s the fact that he, figuratively speaking, turned to face the players. The developers have tried to clean up the game from all that hinders enjoy.


For example, if other similar projects in the same team together defending the path, often competing for the gold, “drop out” of the enemy soldiers trying to inflict deadly blows before fellow, there is nothing like that. All the gold mined in the lane, divided between the members close to your team players, and does not at all no matter who it is finished off another creep.

Strife and resolved the problem with the delivery of new equipment from the base. In League of Legends, and Smite players have to personally go to the store. In Dota 2 there is a special unit, the courier, whose job is precisely to shopping conveying, but he’s one (which is why at times there is unhealthy competition) and it can kill enemies, leaving the team at the time, not only without a useful assistant, but without the things, which he took at the base, but did not give the hosts. Strife in absolutely every character has their own personal immune messenger, ready to throw a valuable cargo to the front at the click of a button.


Even matchmaking arranged extremely simple. The Strife is not disputes and squabbles because of the fact that as a team, for example, was not a single character support. His character you choose even before you find a match. And then the program has already automatically make the team so as to achieve the best possible balance and take into account the wishes of all the players. However, if you already have played a team, and you want to assign roles themselves and develop tactics, nobody is going to bother you – in Strife, of course, there is such a possibility.

A man who had become accustomed to the MOBA-rigid traditions and live with them, this approach at first overwhelming. But thanks to him Strife wins almost from the first minute – unusual and therefore doubly pleasant sensation of comfort.

Is the game and their own chips, not related to the optimization of the genre. In particular, the developers added a neutral Strife powerful monster that not only rewards those who can beat him, money, gold, and some useful items and gives you extra time to an ally. A huge gorilla albino named Kraytos – one of the most important and powerful units in the game, whose assistance during the next raid on the enemy’s defenses simply invaluable.


Combat Tactics largely revolves around the ability to get more time “fire support” to demolish the tower and another step closer to victory. And also – do not give the enemy to do the same: around the cave where he lives “watchman” Kraytos tend to unfold the most bitter and violent battle, and here, it happens in the most unexpected moments breaks the most seemingly hopeless matches.

The Strife is also a crafting system that allows you to improve things, giving them new properties. However, for an enhanced version of the equipment will have to pay more: for the price of the object is added cost of additional components.

Finally, each character has an assistant. As well as playable characters, these assistants have their own ability to help you in battle. One pet is, for example, will be able in an emergency to restore your health, mana energize the other, the third – lift control effects. Over time, the animals develop and acquire new opportunities. Here, incidentally, is also noticeable desire of developers to make the game more comfortable as possible, because the pump each pet separately there is no need – all of them, even those that are still available to you at the same time gaining experience.


The minus Strife can be written except that a small number of characters, but their ranks are replenished more: we should not forget that the game has only just emerged from a closed test. Individual abilities of some characters actually overlap. The problem is not even that the game lacks the characters and that these characters do not have enough uniqueness. Partly – but not entirely – solves this problem Kraft: every game you can try different combinations of items and enemies will never know in advance what you have laid them at this time. But this is clearly still needs to be developed and refined.

S2 Games managed to produce really high quality and entertaining online game. The aim of lowering the entry threshold of MOBA are busy and other studios, in particular, of Blizzard, but Strife authors do not seem to have only been able to make the game much easier and more comfortable, but also to maintain with many hardcore elements that are important for the fans. As a result, they have turned the project, which is quite capable to carry away as matter experts, and those who still do not dare to look into this genre.

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