Stack & Ride REVIEW

Stack & Ride REVIEW

Description :

Play Stack & Ride! The new game from the makers of Tower Dash, Running Circles & Spider Square.
Tap to control your character through a maze. Stack your Tower and Ride!
Super simple one-touch controls. Tons of insanely cool heroes with unique collectibles and awesome sound effects!
Become a giraffe and gather missing parts of your neck! If you’re more into eating, ride a Hamburger and stack it up!
How high can you go?


Studio BoomBit, which, in my opinion, is just about ready to grab the palm in the segment of arcade toys from another extremely popular studio Ketchapp, has released its new product. The game is called Stack & Ride and is fully compliant to take developers initially vector.

In general, the concept of gameplay Stack & Ride lot of time used by other developers in their products. At our disposal there is a protagonist who is able to move only on the location zigzags. First, it moves in one direction, and after pressing of our character changes direction at right angles. Actually, it takes the gameplay to the loss.

So what is this game is remarkable and that it distinguishes from other similar products? The guys from BoomBit sufficiently improved their offspring. At the time of movement on the location, we have the opportunity not only to collect crystals (local currency), but also original pieces from the main character, to which he subsequently becomes, forming a pyramid.


The game has a special line, which comes to us completely resets all the components of character, leading it to its original look. Also, each thrown us a piece of the pyramid will be converted into game points – which is where the charging points in Stack & Ride. For collected crystals of course we can open new skins for the hero or demand his resurrection after death.
Also in the Stack & Ride There are two multiplayer modes: a turn-based multiplayer mode, and a local multiplayer mode via Apple TV. In the first case it will be picked up by a random opponent, we will take your entry level and will wait for its results – after which the game will select the winner according to the points earned. In the second case, the Apple TV can simultaneously connect up to 8 devices, thereby organizing the most epic and uncompromising fight.

The game, as usual, is free and monetized through the sale of various gaming content. The Stack & Ride are sold not only crystals but also an additional game mode, which is called «Easy Mode». I guess it is lighter than normal, but some differences between them – I can not say, because he did not check.

Game: Stack & Ride | Free | Universal app | Download


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