Spider Square REVIEW

Spider Square REVIEW

Description :

Max squarelicious characters as far as you can. Avoid obstacles and collect shiny diamonds tricky on your way to unlock new fantastic characters. It’s fun to play single-player missions, but now you can also challenge your friends or other players from around the world in multiplayer mode! Keep open as many battles as you want, and prove that you have the best reflexes. Remember that you have been warned: this game is addictive, and that, most likely, you will not be able to put it down for a few days!


Remember the game Tower Dash, developed by the studio BoomBit? So, recently, developers have developed a different game called Spider Square. Looking at this game gives the impression that its creation was used software code involved in the Tower Dash, only rotated 90 degrees. That is, the same gameplay was moved in a horizontal plane. It sounds like complete nonsense, but it looks very fun.

Spider Square REVIEW

It is taken all the same minimalistic pixel characters in which visual components behind the famous square of Malevich. That’s only in the last game, these brave boys clambered to the top of the infinite glory as climbers. Now the game space is overcome by a horizontal vector. And all this reminds some pixel march Spider-Man – hence the name Spider Square.

Full cooperation with the gameplay is done with a single click. When you touch the screen the protagonist produces something like cobwebs, which clings to the first that fell among the object, the same time going a little closer to the object. Hero for so long Putin will hold until the crash into objects or until you stop to press on the screen. Mastering the game process takes probably 10 seconds but to achieve a high level of professionalism can take hours.


Throughout the game space scattered crystals, they can be used to discover new heroes avatars in the store. The game Spider Square also implemented a system of progressive income. That is, the farther you manage to get in the casual space, the more crystals are obtained. With this the gameplay is carried out under the scheme: “The more I play, the more income” – and it’s very cool. So how many games the activity of another scheme, “the more I invest, the better I play.”

Spider Square REVIEW

Besides all this, the game Spider Square also was not deprived of all kinds of chips, which are rich in all products studio BoomBit. Namely, the multiplayer mode, the ability to play on Apple TV using any “apple” devaysa thus can participate up to 8 people at a time. It is also possible to record your gameplay for publication on social networks.

I am sure many will call the game the most good words. But this does not cancel the fact that Spider Square already downloaded and will download hundreds of thousands of people. Also in the App Store, you can find a dozen clones of this game – it is also telling.

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