Soul Hunters REVIEW

Soul Hunters REVIEW

Description :

Download Soul Hunters for Free Now! Play THRILLING fast-paced Strategic Battles, and see why over 80 MILLION players can’t stop playing!

Step into a land cursed by a mysterious darkness, collect and advance Heroes such as; a rugged dwarf tank, a noble vampire, and a deadly Egyptian queen to form a party and overcome all who stand in your way and threaten the eight kingdoms!


Massively multiplayer online role games, better known as MMORPG, in the app store, there are a great many, but truly massive among them not so much. One of the champions of the genre is the Soul Hunters, in which he played more than 80 million people worldwide. The reasons for this incredible success can be attributed not only to the successful combination of elements of role-playing, card and MOBA-games, but also a nice cartoon graphics, plenty of unique heroes, and downright addictive gameplay. With it, we are now met.
Rather, the vast majority of newly made players want to quickly learn a few powerful spells and immediately rush into battle, but familiarity with the game will be slightly different. First, you must wait for the end of downloading additional files, and second, access. This can be done using a specially created account, or your account Facebook. Authorized? Well, it’s time to go to adventure.

The last owner of the smartphone will be called from the first seconds of the game. It is about opening fight, who is also a brief description of the story. It turns out that once upon a time reigned in the world of friendship and respect, and the center of all this was an alliance of eight kingdoms. Each of them had its own leader – the mighty hero with unique abilities and powers.
Naturally, all eight characters got along well with each other and often went on walks together. Alas, the latter turned into an unexpected and vile attack the forces of evil. Through the use of an ancient curse enemies managed to win, the characters were scattered all over the world, but in the once prosperous kingdom come fear and terror.


Put everything in its place and find all the missing characters to be you.

The search process is incredibly exciting. Fantasy lover will join the land, cursed mystical darkness, collect and improve a variety of characters represented by the dwarves, vampires and other as well as to destroy all those who in one way or another threaten happy future kingdom. It sounds interesting, does not it?

Integral components of the passage will be battles in real time with high-quality animations and spectacular effects, which are able to diversify the specific techniques of each character. In general, we have to look for soul stones, explore different locations and the dark dungeons, select opponents armor and equipment to improve their characters.


However, the battle – only the tip of the iceberg. It should be noted that no less important part of the passage – a strategy that could decide the outcome of the battle. What kind of soldiers sent to fight, what their skills improve and which armor to wear – it’s up to you.

Special mention deserves the fact that the Soul Hunters can fight in PVP-mode and with your friends via Bluetooth. By the way, the game requires a permanent connection to the Internet.

Soul Hunters – incredibly fascinating universe of magic artifacts and constant battles. To prove his advantage over millions of other players will be extremely difficult, but it’s really worth.

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