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Social network VKontakte (site, abbreviated often called VK) – the largest social network in Russia. It is registered almost every citizen of our country. But this is not surprising, since the benefits of this network is really more than any other.

The date of foundation VKontakte was 10 October 2006. That day there were the first accounts on the server, the first messages were sent, etc. Initially, the creators have reported that the resource will be used as a social network, where they can socialize students and graduates of Russian universities.

However, this site has started to develop so rapidly, that has become one of the most popular sites of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus for several years. Furthermore, according to the world-famous rating Alexa Internet, VKontakte is located on the 24 th position in popularity in the world.

VKontakte founder Pavel Durov


24 November 2010 at the site registered 100 millionth user, making the site one of the most popular in RuNet. To date, the number of users who daily visit your account in the social network, reaches about 70 million. Man.

VKontakte REGISTration

In order to register in the social network, you must be the owner of a cell phone, because after entering the name and surname of the system will prompt you for the phone number to which you will come a special confirmation code.

By entering this code, you will find yourself on the main profile page. Initially, the site will prompt you about what kind of information can be filled, as well as its other features. After some time lost tips.

VKontakte functional overview

And what, in fact, you can do Vkontakte? Initially, it may be noted that the user has the ability to edit your page.

You can change the name, add information about sex, marital status, add relatives etc. FaceBook also gives the opportunity to share with friends your contact details, the user can talk about their interests, hobbies, education, career, and tell us about your position in life.
Also the registered user is able to add entries to their wall. This entry can be accompanied by a photo, video, audio recordings, graffiti, notes the survey. In addition, recently, users can attach your location on the map and choose an arbitrary time of publication of the material. This means that you can record right now, but choose from the menu that it was published, for example, tomorrow at noon.

It is worth noting also the basic function – registered user VKontakte can use the search within the system to find their friends, relatives, classmates, etc.

Search is quite convenient, because you can select not only basic information (name, age and place of study), but also many others, up to the position in life, etc. However, we should mention that people can frequently point out false information about himself, even changing the name. Therefore, we can not say that the search for a 100% chance to help find the right person.

Many people use VKontakte, as a means for watching movies or listening to music. After all, it is very convenient, you do not need to download a movie in full if it can be viewed in comfort online. To find the desired movie is also a convenient search system, with the result that the process is very easy.

VKontakte – as a business tool

For business VKontakte also provides excellent opportunities for attracting new customers. You can create a group and spread to a variety of information about the company, news and promotions (see. Promotion VKontakte group). Cost is very cheap, but the chance to bring at least a small part of a large real customers.

For webmasters and optimizers VKontakte allows you to place links to the site for its promotion. To say that such links affect rankings is difficult. Now, if there are links to these real transitions of users, then the link with a great degree of probability will have a positive effect on the position in the search engines search.

For those who are engaged in traffic by arbitration, VKontakte has become one of the main sources of traffic. Moderation ads become much “tougher” than it was when there were only opportunities to promote their ads here. Nevertheless, even with tight moderation remain in positive territory.

Also, webmasters have the ability to install the module comments on the site. The only condition for sending messages through it is – authorization in VKontakte. And because almost every member here, the chances that the user will be able to leave a comment almost 100%. Plus, we’ll know a page on the social network of the user.

VKontakte has become part of life for many. In almost every case, you must not lose its potential and enjoy all the benefits.

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