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Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer of Facebook Inc., speaks during the Facebook F8 Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. Zuckerberg plans to unveil tools that let application makers reach the social network's audience while helping the company boost revenue. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Facebook ( – is the largest international social network that allows you to communicate to millions of users from around the world, share photos, videos and, of course, messages. The main advantage of Facebook lies in the fact that the social network translated into 84 languages, thus you can choose the language from the list provided and to make friends from other countries. Useful features, many applications, convenience and simplicity of the social network every day attracts more and more users. Let’s get acquainted with this unique and amazing “world”!

How to register on Facebook

The main task of registration is aimed at the creation of a personal page (profile), which reflects information about you. To start using all the features of a social network, you need to be registered, it is available on the Facebook home page –


1. The first step is to write in the required field your name, surname, e-mail. address, etc. and finally click on the green button “Register”.

If for any reason an interface to Facebook have not been translated into the other language, it can be enabled manually. At the bottom you can change the page language to another.

2. Then you get to the next part of the registration, on this page you will be able to find your friends using your email account.


This step can be skipped by clicking the inscription “to skip this step.”

3. On the next page you will find the privacy settings and choose a photo of your profile.

4. After registering your mail should come with a letter confirming the registration code. The code consists of five integers. And also need to confirm your account by clicking on the appropriate button. After that, registration is completed.

Not to forget the password, login and account verification code is best all the data recorded on a piece of paper, all this information is important and in case of loss of this data is difficult to come to your page to Facebook.

Entry and Exit on Facebook

1. To “Enter” on your Facebook page you must enter your e-mail address that you provided during registration and password.

2. To “Exit” from your account should click on the icon (inverted triangle) in the upper right corner of the page and in the list that appears, click on the words “Exit”.

Interface of FaceBook

Interface Accounts homepage consists of three columns. Above the columns is an information panel, and shows the notification and there is a search box friends / pages / groups / activities.

The right side panel contains icons for Facebook, they show unread messages, friend requests and other new notification.


The middle column is a field where you can write your status, add a photo, video or create a photo album. After that, the field is a news ticker.
In the right column you can see the list of recommended friends, which is compiled by analyzing your data and friends. And there are also recommended pages and groups of people.

How to make a profile in FaceBook

First of all, it is best to fill in information about yourself and add photos to friends you know and accept the request to add to friends.

2009: Facebook introduces the "like" button.

1. Click on the words “Edit Profile”

2. On the page that appears, enter the required data. After each fill in all required fields for you to click on “save changes”. When you save the changes, you can change the privacy, ie the information you entered, are visible:
available to everyone (all the people who visit your page will see information about you);
Friends (information, only those people will see about you, who are you in the “Friends”);
Once I (information about you will only see you);

3. The second step is to add a photo, click the words “add a photo” and select the desired file from the folder.

How to find friends in FaceBook

1. When your data is filled and has a profile picture, you can begin to search for friends. Enter the caption “Look for friends” name your friend (the person you want to find). Search will give the result, and you choose from the list remains the right person.


If necessary, check the date of birth and photo of a person and then add them as a friend.
If, however, the right person is not listed, then enter additional information (place of residence, place of employment, education). “Friend,” At the end just add the person.

Once a person will respond to your request, you will be notified.

Posts on Facebook

Messages can be sent in two ways:

1. Go to another page and click on the inscription “Post” and in the dialog box, write the text.


2. Use the chat. In the lower right corner of your page, click the left mouse button on the panel of “Chat.” In the window that opens, select a friend or write their name and click on the photos.

Feed on Facebook

Newsline shows recently added photos of friends, news people and groups in which you have subscribed. To subscribe to famous people, music groups, etc. you must go to the section “Information” on the bottom of your page, and it may be noted sports teams, music, movies, etc. mark “like”. After that, in your newswire will be published, including photos and videos of these pages.


Additional features, details and tips on keeping pages

Winks – This feature is designed to attract attention, to say “hello” to meet the man. You can send to friends and friends of friends. With this action the user will be notified.

Games – thousands of apps are games catalog that will help pass the time.

In the social networking site Facebook offers no options for viewing your page and any custom applications, software and websites can not do that.

To navigate quickly to start when creating your page there are specific clues, they will help you better understand this social network.

To decorate your page, you can add artwork. Cover – is the top picture on the personal page. You can set absolutely any picture or photo that will show you, your interests, or simply to decorate your profile to Facebook.

If you want to congratulate a birthday or just write something interesting, you can take advantage of a chronicle. The Chronicle of friends you can set a photo, a video, write a message, but it will all be visible to all visitors of its pages.

If you like any record on the page of another person or in the news bulletin, you can press “like”.

When you register you must specify a valid data, especially e-mail and phone, or without these data, you will not be able to restore the page.

Be careful not to add or submit requests to the friends all in a row and at a variety of times a day. Excessive activity and the addition of a large number of friends on Facebook can lead to account suspension for a few days, weeks or even months. The most appropriate will be added to the Friend of 10-20 people a day, but no more.

how to login facebook without password

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