Snapimals: Discover and Snap Amazing Animals REVIEW

Snapimals: Discover and Snap Amazing Animals REVIEW

Description :

Discover incredible animals, take pictures, and build the greatest museum on earth!

Join The Captain and venture to the ends of the world to photograph the rarest, funniest, and wildest animals ever spotted!


What are the only urban simulators did not look in the mobile gaming segment! And just at the moment when you think you’ve seen everything, life prepares you for new surprises. So surprise for me was the product of the studio BebopBee. The game is called «Snapimals: Discover and Snap Amazing Animals» and is a synthesis of the trivial and farm simulator photoshoot. Despite the fact that both of these game genres get along quite well on their own, the developers decided to join them and see what happens.

Snapimals: Discover and Snap Amazing Animals REVIEW

You are a young and talented photographer who specializes in working with wildlife. In search of thrills and international recognition you have to go to the end of the world to the seasoned fotoohotnika which succinctly, but not without irony introduce you to the heart of the matter. Under the professional needs, you will be assigned an archipelago, on which construction activities will be carried out: to begin to build a dock for the reception, ticket booth, bridges for communication between the islands and, of course, a museum.

Snapimals: Discover and Snap Amazing Animals REVIEW

Looking fotoshedevrov you have to go to a variety of places: meadows, canyons, oases, forests, caves, swamps, craters, rivers and even the godforsaken land. But it’s all in the long term, it will have to begin to restrict the usual jungle, where only a few lives fauna. Especially here not clear, but the experiences can be. Yes, and also to begin to photo hunt small animals will be only the fourth sortie, the previous three will be purely exploratory in nature.


After the appearance of the first works in the museum wait for guests from all over the world. Your treasury will increasingly be supplemented by visitors, but there are other sources of income, for example, such as the sale of photos for calendars, greeting cards and other products of the printing type. Earned money pouring again in the archipelago: improving the already constructed objects, buy more of the island, ennobled territory – everything in conventional urban simulation. In addition, you can buy a new photographic technique to improve future shots.

Photoshoot mode is as follows: character sneaks through the targeted area if on rails, independently and at a constant speed. You have the ability to rotate in all directions in order to find in the allotted time, the most successful scenario for a potential masterpiece. To beasts around you behaved more relaxed before the camera, in the game there are certain items such as balls, mugs, harmonica, and so on. All this makes the gameplay more interesting and varied.

Snapimals: Discover and Snap Amazing Animals REVIEW

In general, «Snapimals: Discover and Snap Amazing Animals» looks like a high-quality, researched and serious project. I was not able to devote enough time playing, and I was a little confused by a large number of resources in the game. How long and in what quantities they are replenished, it is unknown why sharing your game experiences in the comments. The game is in the App Store available for free.

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