Smite is a Unique MOBA


At Hi-Rez Studios do not have a multimillion army of fans, like Valve or Riot, but, nevertheless, the company for many years produces excellent online game. In his previous project Tribes: Ascend, they successfully revived one of the best multiplayer shooters in the world. A new game, Smite, must be conceived to offer a fresh look at MOBA.

As in any other game of this genre, mostly Smite battle mode two teams of five players who are fighting on the three paths that connect their base. Between growing forest trails, where they live neutral monsters, which can be fed with experience, money and various buffs (the rate to increase damage).

Creating the game, the first thing the developers decided that a bird’s eye view of the battle watch only cowards and namby-pamby, and transferred the player in the thick of things. The camera does not float in the sky – it hangs pretty close behind your character, and this changes the gameplay much more than one would think.


Particularly well the changes seen in the game for characters with ranged attacks, because they have a shot at the enemy – skillshot. As if in some third-person shooter, you have to be induced on purpose to anticipate the movements of the enemy and shoot with anticipation. And yet – in order to get into the enemy’s normal attack. Those who fights in the melee, also added problems because the enemy, as a rule, does not stand still, and tries to jump back and hit you in the back. It sounds more complicated than it looks in reality, but those who are accustomed to, it is enough to stick in the enemy hero on the right mouse button to experience some discomfort.

However, when you reflect, for better or worse, come to the conclusion that the benefits of such a pretty unorthodox, combat system design, the sea. It enriches the game tense moments and increase the intensity of each battle. You are no longer cut off from the fight, and are inside it. And it strengthens both the latent fear of becoming a victim of the enemy, and satisfaction when, on the contrary, it is sent to wait for rebirth after a serious conversation.


Another detail that is associated with the change of point of view, lies in the fact that the Smite much easier to sneak up on another player. Avoid the ambush is relatively simple, only need to closely watch the mini-map, but in the heat of fights often happens that to look at it just once. It also adds to the game of tension and makes all the time to be alert.

A set of characters in a very decent Smite. The game, of course, does not match the richness of the range with the main competitors, where the number of available characters for a long time has passed for a hundred, but it is and there is much less. In addition, and the fifty-odd characters that are in the Smite at the time of the review, enough for the eyes, and developers continue to produce more and more new fighters.


A special praise worthy choice legend that explains who in general fights on the battlefield. The Smite is neither more nor less, the gods of the various religions of the world, from the ancient Greek paganism to Hinduism, and Chinese folk beliefs. Some nominees, such as Odin, Zeus and Kali, it is quite obvious, but more in the game of the gods, which you will most likely only Smite and learn. For example, the South American patron of the bees and hives A Muzen-Kab, worshiped by the Maya or the Hindu demon-eater Bakasura. Among these, familiar and unfamiliar, celestial beings, there is a character that is suitable for any style of play.

Access to new gods in Smite organized the same way as in the League of Legends: there is a small pool of free characters, which is regularly rotated. To get a good character, you need to fork out, but pay real money is absolutely unnecessary. Absolutely any god can be purchased for virtual currency, which “drips” you on the results of each match. Thus, you gradually learn the very least most of the characters, and then be able to select those who you most likable. And for players who want everything at once, there is a special package for an extra charge, which includes not only the heroes have emerged, but all that ever again appear in Smite.


Well, if you get bored of the classic mode with three paths, the developers have prepared a few more entertainment options. For example, the arena in which it is necessary not to destroy the enemy base and bring it alive and unharmed own creeps, each of which passes through a special gate, causing some damage to the enemy camp.

To Smite need to get used to, especially if you already have some experience in the MOBA-games. Much here is different than in other similar projects, but therein lies its charm. It’s not a clone of the Dota, a completely independent game, very interesting and unusual. Recommend it easily possible for all who at least a little bit interested in a session online.

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