Sling Kong REVIEW

Sling Kong REVIEW

Description :

Sling, bounce and swing your Kong to glory, but watch out for all manner of dastardly traps and obstacles. Go up, and up, and up until there’s no more up to go, or else meet your hilarious end!

Join Chimp, Pig, Jellyfish and over 60 other crazy and colourful characters as you challenge your friends to become the best Kong Slinger around.


Long time in the App Store I did not manage to find a free high-quality toys that would deserve attention. Understandably, with periodic uniformity appeared unpretentious casual games, which rose to the top for a week or two. But here’s something really cool, such as Crossy Road, that could hang on the top for a long time – in my memory was not long ago. Finally, I managed to find a similar product – the game is called Sling Kong, and its creation was engaged in studio Protostar.

Sling Kong REVIEW

Talking about the game quality and is recommended for each download, I totally abolished the fact that it is the same arcade, like many others, where the main task – is to achieve the greatest possible number of points. But just look at how cool it is drawn and well animated. And what the developers have managed to create characters – each of them wants to see in his shelf as a soft toy.

Needless to say that Sling Kong has a simple gameplay? I think no. All that is required of us – is to select the character and pull his legs, creating tension in order that he could fly up above, and to cling to the ledge on the new play space. It should be noted that to hold on to these same projections can be for a limited time, if the projection is blue, then you have plenty of time, if the red – must act really quick.


But it is not always easy to make operational decisions in the conditions created by the developers of the game. Before you every now and then will be compressed at a high speed wooden shutters everywhere will spew flames of some tropical plants, and a circle will spin circular saws – so far without them – like an instrument of death is found everywhere in the gaming industry.

That is the game Sling Kong need to be careful but decisive and agile in order to get as high as possible, and collect more coins. Coins are required to participate in a lottery that will allow you to win new characters and fight off the little coins, cast part. Also, after a certain time you will have the opportunity to throw good luck – to start a selected animal untwisted wheel. In this case, only coins are played.

Sling Kong REVIEW

Yes, the game can not be of a greater than it actually is – this is the most typical, classical, trivial arcade game with a painfully familiar game elements. But this is precisely the case here, when the project is “exported” in quality thanks to the incredible diligence game designers. Sling Kong so cool graphically done that it wants to play as long as you do not open every character and all the game locations.

Game: Sling Kong | Free | Universal app | Download


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