Slide Tetromino Premium REVIEW

Slide Tetromino Premium REVIEW

Description :

Thaw out the level’s key by navigating it through a maze. You can move puzzle pieces around the level, but choose wisely, there’s not a lot of room! Slide Tetromino will puzzle and challenge you for hours!


Do you think there should necessarily be a complex puzzle? Whatever it was, the indie developer ECO Pawel Jarosz does not think so. This is evidenced by an absolutely free game «Slide Tetromino Premium», which contains hundreds of approximately equal difficulty levels.

Slide Tetromino Premium REVIEW

Slide Tetromino has a simple game mechanics, which has repeatedly been used in other identical products. Each level represents the location of various shapes, which is crammed with a variety of geometric shapes and objects, most of them borrowed from Tetris. Also inside the location there is a frozen key, which is required to unfreeze. For this it is necessary to move a block of key directly under the flame lighters, which are located, generally, on the opposite side locations.


We have the ability to move objects in different directions without any constraints of time and the number of actions. Of course, Slide Tetromino implemented counter movements, but the number of actions that you need to pass the level, will have no impact on the game result. If you manage to complete a level 10 or, say, 15 action, the game will reward you with three asterisks or other cherished trophies. The only reward – it is, in fact, the passage level, which also has no special significance in view of the fact that all the game levels are opened immediately after the purchase of the game.

Slide Tetromino Premium REVIEW

As a result, Slide Tetromino – it looks nice puzzle that does not have the complexity of gradations. Approximately 20 minutes of gameplay I managed to pass 30 levels. Naturally, I do not bother about the number of actions spent. If the game itself does not provide such restrictions, it is unlikely that users will be motivated to improve their own results. In view of the above, the product seems to be some underdeveloped. The only obvious advantage of the game – it’s totally free with no advertising and in-game purchases.

Game: Slide Tetromino Premium | Free | Universal app | Download


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