Shadow Blade: Reload REVIEW

Shadow Blade: Reload REVIEW

Description :

Shadow Blade is an action-platformer set in a visually striking world where the ancient teachings of ninjas and samurai clash upon a modern landscape. Sprint through stages littered with traps, slaying enemies along your path without hesitation as Kuro, the blade of shadow!


Crescent Moon Games Studio and I took yet completed its work on the sequel «Shadow Blade» game, which I am, indeed, pleased to an incredible degree. The sequel is called «Shadow Blade: Reload» and is the next part of the scene in the narrative of the adventures of a very talented ninja. The cost of the product is high – 379 rubles, but the amount requested is justified in full.

Shadow Blade: Reload REVIEW

In this part of the game on its head protagonist bombarded two problems at once universal scale. The first of them – this salvation was taken prisoner by the gray-haired sensei, who taught him all the details of this martial art. The second problem – is the preservation and subsequent use of a mysterious medallion, which falls into the hands of the hero just the same from the teacher. The whole scene is decorated material and submitted to the user in the format of information and beautiful comics.

Gameplay Shadow Blade: Reload is fighting platformer, but this is not the case when the management plan at our disposal, jump, squat, and buying a slap. By implementing the gameplay developers come from all virtuosity. This allowed most to revitalize the model character: his combat power is almost limitless, fast beats and varied. Climbing walls, a whole arsenal of different jumps, deadly attacks, rapid combos, throwing shuriken and katana blades charming dance – in order to fully explore the potential of the hero, do take time.


Enemies in the game are also a decent amount of: one wielded swords and sabers, others armed with laser guns and homing Stingers, very powerful guys roam the locations with flamethrowers, and fly through the levels fighting drones and so on. But the biggest enemy of our character is not all that aggressive mob, and structural complexity of the levels themselves: here you and the blade, and energy fields, and circular saws, and various mechanisms for the love with which better to do without direct physical contact.

Shadow Blade: Reload REVIEW

All this makes the game extremely interesting and varied. Now, add to all this epic bosses, stuffed with a variety of technologically advanced pieces. Priplyusuet here slightly different from the classical format of the mission, in which we need to either run away from the pursuer, or, conversely, to catch up with the target. It is also possible to add to this great hidden bonuses in the game, protected all sorts of traps, – to get to this, will indeed include ninja mode.

Shadow Blade: Reload REVIEW

Right direction has been chosen for the graphic realization of all this. The game is very bright and a bit cartoonish, with an excellent study of the movements and animations, and flavored all this music, which also can not be claims. As a result, Shadow Blade: Reload is fully completed and stocked product with a good game duration. With every desire to play hard to add something, as well as difficult to remove something – everything is in its place and does not require any adjustments. Hence this cost 379 rubles. Do not forget to watch a video overview of the game.

Game: Shadow Blade: Reload | $4.99 | Universal app | Download


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