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How to play and win in the World of Tanks Blitz, without dying himself

In this article, we’ll reveal some of the secrets of World of Tanks Blitz, and tell you how to win in this game. Note – absolutely all the advice that we give below are ideal for games in the regular World of Tanks, as well as in the version for the Xbox 360.

Do not hurry

Hurry – the main enemy of the player in World of Tanks. The player jerked forward the first, die very quickly, in most cases, not bringing any benefit. At the beginning of the match, will be examined, some tanks have on your team, see who and where to come, explore the mini-map and labels, which put her comrades. If you see that someone is playing in the group – you should help their direction, as Such players usually act more cohesively.


Correctly use the selected tank

In World of Tanks, there are three types of tanks – light, medium and heavy – as well as self-propelled anti-tank installation. “Weight” tanks affect their basic characteristics – speed, armor, and weapon power – therefore, it is depending on them should choose a role in the battle.

Make it a rule – reseeding on new tank, do not go on the warpath, and to check on him guidance, study characteristics, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the machine. Try to obtain such knowledge of all the tanks, which met on the battlefield.

Light tanks – the best scouts in the initial stage of the game, playing for them, trying to quickly advance into enemy territory and uncover targets for more powerful companions. During the investigation, try to move constantly because speed that prevents hitting you, in this case better than any armor. If you still had to fight with a formidable opponent – then try to confuse him, riding in circles around the enemy’s car and shooting her in the stern. In any case, try not to call on the need for towns and cities – where the maneuverability of your tank (and therefore protection) will be much lower. Also, do not forget to follow your team – is meaningless to carry out exploration in the direction where there is no more powerful companions.


Medium tanks in many respects similar to the light, but they have weapons and armor such power that allows you to join the fight and take a punch long enough. Closer to the high levels of speed increases medium tanks so that they are completely taken itself the role of intelligence in light tanks. In any case, fighting in an average tank, watch carefully for position, trying to attack the enemy with only a profitable direction. Still, your armor is not strong enough to withstand a frontal battle with heavy machinery.

Heavy tanks – is a powerful weapon, a good armor, but disgusting speed. Heavy tank able to hold on long enough, even against several opponents, but nevertheless a mistake to consider it suitable for playing alone. On the contrary – we are purely a team car after heavy tank will not be able to escape quickly from a difficult situation, and left alone, sooner or later die. Keep an eye on his friends, skip forward faster machines, and to choose a comfortable position for firing (shelter nearby, but at the same time, a large sweep area).

Anti-self-propelled guns – well protected, have different weapons, which, however, very difficult to use. Because have no self-propelled gun turret, the gun has to direct the body, and it is very slow. In an open battle you probably torsion any tank, so try to act so as to always have the opportunity to quietly take aim at the enemy. That is, you are in the end of combat formations and always occupies the shelter, and work from the enemy.


Forget the automatic sight

Automatic eye only makes sense to use on the go, and even then – try to bring such situations to a minimum. From the very beginning of the game you will learn to take aim, train yourself to wait for the full details gun, practice taking anticipation and find weaknesses in the body of the enemy tank.

Correctly place your tank

Forehead – the most protected place for the tank, but on the sides and stern armor already much weaker. This begs the logical idea to turn to the forehead to the enemy, but it is true not to the end. In fact, the tank is put a “diamond”, so that the enemy were turned forehead and one of the sides of the machine – so more likely that the projectile ricocheted off without causing damage to the car.


Correctly use the shelter

The first simple rule – try not to stop a tank in an open area (you can break it only when you can shoot a good position). Always takes shelter before stopping.

Do not forget to use the cover during movement – for example, if the terrain is hilly, it is possible to approach the enemy moving on the opposite hill. And when you drive through the city, the “cut” corners so that the corner of your tank went not sideways, and a diamond. As it is necessary to place the tank in the event that you want to hide around the corner.

Learn to hide in the hills

The gun of any tank deviates vertically both up and down – the second is called the reverse angle of declination. Try to put your tank on the side of a hill (near the very top, of course) so that protruded only upper body, but you will at the same time

Correct maneuver in the melee

If the opponent tries to twist, you can help one simple technique – rotate the tower and the body in the same direction. So you speed up the twist of the gun barrel.

Attack together

If somewhere planned major fight, you know – better than attacking the whole group, and in a fairly simple system. The math is simple: if your group is even greater one tank, it is likely to win at the expense of additional weapons and additional armor, which will take over the enemy’s damage. But if this extra tank will remain somewhere in the shelter – in the most important moment of the fight, he simply may not be able to work for the enemy.

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