Sawa. The heart of a warrior – Russian animation film

Sawa. The heart of a warrior

A fairytale about a grand life journey of a 10-year old boy Savva devoted to help his Mom and fellow village people to break free from the vicious hyenas.

Directed by Maksim Fadeev
Writing by Aleksandr Chistyakov, Maksim Fadeev, Gregory Poirier
Cast Maksim Chukharyov, Konstantin Khabenskiy, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Grigoriy Leps, Mikhail Galustyan, Natalya Ionova, Lolita Milyavskaya, Fedor Bondarchuk, Sergey Garmash, Sergey Shnurov
Rest of cast Geoffrey Cantor, Will Chase, Jim Cummings, Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Harris, Orli Hersch, Milla Jovovich, Tyler Merna, Patrick Page, Joe Pesci, Daniel Singer, Sharon Stone, Madeleine Rose Yen
Produced by Samuel Aroutiounian, Fedor Bondarchuk, Aleksandr Chistyakov, Sergey Lubinetsky, Dmitriy Rudovskiy, Ryan Schinmann
Music by Maksim Fadeev
Film Editing by Yuliya Pisarenko
Budget 1000000000 RUB

Sawa Heart Warrior – a dream not come true

Gifts for children are different. Someone gives them clothes and toys, some money, some even cars and apartments. Music producer Maxim Fadeev be original and gave his son a cartoon worth 1 billion rubles.

Of course, to conceive and give a gift to give – things are different. His gift Sawa (namely the so-called son of the producer) waited seven years, and during that time managed to grow a little bit of these cartoons. But do not disappear as good? And the considerable budget cartoon somehow have to pay. And it came to a logical event – “Savva. The heart of the warrior “went on theatrical screens.

Sawa. The heart of a warrior-7

Do you know why modern animated films from Pixar or DreamWorks we love more than your own cartoons? There is not even in the quality and experience of business. Just the authors of “WALL-E,” “Ratatouille,” “Kung Fu Panda” and “How to Train Your Dragon” does not consider its viewers idiots. They know they have to do something else besides a beautiful picture. They know that they need to invest in the idea of ​​cartoons, good stories, humor and sometimes not obviously read it, but at the end of present morality. The audience feels it, because happily pay for cinema tickets.

In our modern domestic animation think that the more and the less idiocy of the plot, the cartoon will turn out better. Of course, if the “Sava” was shot for just one particular person, that person would have been glad to any cartoon, but the creators clearly hoped for more rental. It did not work. No, this cartoon was not necessary just because it is as hopelessly stupid as most domestic animation projects. The authors of our animation still believe that in the cinemas go either idiots or children are idiots, and then suddenly start complaining that their creations get low marks and no fees. The parallel between his approach and the box office they hold, probably do not even think …

So, what cartoon. The village boy Sawa come evil hyenas, who collect all the inhabitants to sell them into slavery. This in itself is strange, but it is far from the top of the local scenario thoughts. Hyenas, however, for some reason, decided to wait for a week in the village, because at the Sava appears a lot of time. It runs from the village and is immediately in the story “The Wizard of Oz.” In the nearest bushes he found a team of fellow travelers, and I’m here niskolechko not exaggerating – the four satellites he finds at intervals of a minute and five meters apart. Concentration travel at such a short distance – a huge problem, they do not have time to show why they are generally needed in the plot.

Nevertheless, Sawa goes with them to the mythical wizard to help each member of the Party to resolve his personal problems. Toward the end of the director Maxim Fadeev decides that simply take the “Wizard of Oz” for a good story a little and adds a bit of “The Lord of the Rings”, namely battle scene from “Return of the King” when all met on the road race of heroes unite to beat Army … monkeys.

However, there came pad. To such a war look better, it is necessary to do so was at least some intrigue. In the same “Lord of the Rings” was initially unclear who will win, because the orcs more they have trolls and siege weapons, while people in frank minority. In “Sawa” is not so: on the side of wetland heroes army idolaters, huge mosquitoes army, all-powerful army of demons and even the real dragon, while a monkey, half of which are not even on the side of armed enemies. What the hell, battle intrigue, if the “good” side simply can not lose? Who will worry about the characters, who have a huge pet dragon?

And here we are faced with the scourge of the narrative – the script. The terrible dialogue, terrible, stupid and suffers from inconsistencies thousands story, crowded mostly inept characters. Well we all know how, just for the money a lot more than usual. Track between the logic of abandoned phrases or action here is more difficult than to understand similar in some “Divergent”. Much happens simply because what is happening and explain like nobody wants. That is a huge budget is not exactly gone out to write a good story. So what?

Naturally, all the forces were sent to the visual component. Yes, “Sawa” – is one of the few cartoons that looks good by today’s standards, though, again, and a little behind the large western animation studios. Setting and clothing items from the same race of demons and did as if taken from the feature film, and not just painted.

The remaining budget was dismantled between a “voice” of the protagonists. Voice acting is really stellar, even the characters that appear for a few minutes and say a couple of sentences, the voice of someone more or less known.

Sawa. The heart of a warrior foto

However, we do not have Hollywood, viewers in the movie “voice” to lure much more difficult. Children (ie children the main target audience of the cartoon, as a family, he does not pull in mind the reasons voiced above) is still that there is Habensky, cords, Bondarchuk, Galustyan and Leps Dzhigarkhanyan. For them, it’s just words on a poster as children’s projects, these people do not usually do.

However, stellar voice will not criticize, I will criticize what is directly connected with them. Its budget of 1 billion rubles (this is for you to understand, 33.3 million boxes of “instant noodles”) cartoon in Russia never discourage, and its creators are well aware. Therefore cartoon filmed not for our market and for overseas. Here it should be recalled: in the US do not look foreign movies, because they do not suffer dubbing. If voice sound track is not synchronized with the visual side, namely, the movement of the lips of characters, the film automatically appears on the roadside. There is even an official term “lipsing” when the sound and lip movements match. That is logical, our Russian audience chose to ignore, and therefore no lipsinga in the Russian version of the cartoon is not in sight. On the lips, readable English counterparts spoken phrases characters, which, of course, does not correspond to pronounce in Russian. Here’s a she, the modern domestic animation, even the cartoons do not in order to show us, and to sell on the foreign market.

Therefore, respecting themselves and their children viewer should at least ignore this cartoon (which, in fact, there is, as I watched this film in an empty movie theater). It is too primitive to enjoy it, and even a beautiful picture does not help here. Any film should start with the script, but not with the sponsor, and should be done for the audience, not for a single person. Only in this case it has a chance to be seen and appreciated priced.

Sawa. The heart of a warrior Final verdict

Incredible for their stupidity and helplessness ultraboundary by setting animation, which you now know a bit more than you had to. Ignore Simply ignore.

Sawa. The heart of a warrior video

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