Russian combat robot “Uran-9” has been successfully tested


Always and everywhere the military equipment has been and remains a priority area of ​​the introduction of advanced development. Unmanned vehicles still experiencing infant period of development, and in the Russian army has already come into service fighting robots “Uran-9,” the successful completion of tests reported by the military. It specifies that “Uran-9” is not acting quite autonomously – the robot takes on a significant part of the problem, for example, going around obstacles, detecting and capturing the goal, but the command to use weapons gives the operator.

Russian demining robot Uran-6


Multifunctional robotic system “Uran-9” is designed for remote reconnaissance and fire support to combined arms, intelligence and anti-terrorist units during combat operations. It is alleged that its use will significantly reduce losses among the personnel. The robot is armed with an automatic gun caliber 30 mm coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm and antitank guided missiles “Attack”, it is equipped with a warning system for laser irradiation and detection equipment, detection and tracking of targets. The composition of weapons and robotic equipment can be changed depending on customer requirements.

Russian robot firefighter Uran-14


Controlled robots or groups of robots can be of a movable control points on the basis of all-terrain armored vehicle with an autonomous power plant. Interestingly, robots can send commands to each other, which increases the communication range. The robots are designed to operate in all weather conditions. At 100 kilometers robot weighing about 10 tons consumes about 35 liters of fuel.
“Uran-9” – representative of the family, which includes engineering robots “Uran-6” and “Uran-14”, designed respectively for demining the area and extinguish fires at the facilities of special purpose, as well as other models, about which information is classified.

Battle multifunctional robotic system “Uran-9”

Uranium-9 – the combat robot working remotely

Using a special remote operator can control it from a distance of three kilometers. You will see the “Uranium-9” independently overcomes obstacles, is the purpose and use weapons in combat. In addition, we will show you the unique robotic assault boats, that is cleaning the coast from the enemy, unmanned helicopters, destroying enemy rocket-propelled grenades, and, finally, robotic spy specifically created for dangerous military operations.

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