Russian Battle Tank Armata T-14


Russian Battle Tank Armata Performance characteristics

Combat weight, t 55
Crew. 3 persons
Ground clearance, mm 500
Caliber guns and mark 125 mm 2A82-1M
Engine power, hp. from. 1500
The speed on the highway, km / h to 75
Target detection range m. Above 5000
Range of of hitting the target m. 7000-8000
Reserve km running. over 500
Resistance armor mm. over 900

Main Battle Tank T-14 Armata replace the Russian T-72 and T-90, which are repeatedly modernized MBT third generation, and is actively used by armies around the world. Russian engineers are actively working on a new design, which received the tentative name T-99 “universal combat platform” and an approved later as T-14 Armata. Currently, the program includes the development of a single chassis, which in future will form a whole family of specialized vehicles at its base: combat vehicles, combat control machines, artillery and missile systems, air defense military machine and the machine logistics. Innovative approach and unification, according to developers, greatly facilitate the creation of the necessary configurations and allows to adjust flexibly to the required conditions.

The new Russian MBT Armata has some similarities with the project T-95, which revoked in May 2010. The tank weighs about 50 tons, has a smoothbore gun and an uninhabited tower. It is expected that the operation will begin after 2016, and the entry into service – in 2020. Estimated order is 2300 units and is designed to gradually replace outdated machinery park of Soviet times.

Tank Armata T-14 Design

Armata was created as a new generation tank, so I kept little resemblance to its predecessors. First of all, he has got armored capsule combining a crew of 3 people in one room. This compartment is separated from the ammunition and fuel tanks, so that the people in it are well protected from possible fire and can easily communicate with each other.


An inhabited room was much more spacious and comfortable. The tank is designed for a daily presence and work of the crew inside. This is achieved by significantly improved ergonomics and comfortable armchairs. For example, a driver got a steering wheel instead of the usual levers, gas pedal and brake control knob automatic transmission. There position adjustment wheel.

Workplaces are equipped with monitors, which displays images from external cameras. Even pointing and shooting are made like a computer game or simulator and require gunner combine sight on the display for the purpose of using the joystick.

Battle Tank Armata T-14 The hull and turret

T-14 Armata should be perfectly protected MBT, because not only has a new layout and is manufactured using a new armor steel, and has 4 protection systems.

The first stage begins with the color and the outer coating of the tank, designed for stealth technology. This reduces the tank’s visibility to radar and guidance systems.

Then come into play active agents, KAZ Afghanis, destroy enemy anti-tank On approaching with their charges and capable of spraying dymometallicheskoe cloud by irradiating laser tank. There is also a system of struggle against mines with electromagnetic fuses.

Traditionally modern MBT has a built-in reactive armor, but the designers went further and covered not only the VFD, the tower and the board. Almaty was the NLD, the roof hatches and also protected her so seriously increases the chances against existing and future  ammunition.

Russian Battle Tank Armata T-14 Weaponry

2A82-1M smoothbore gun caliber 125 mm and, if necessary, another 152 mm, can be used as a launcher for missiles. These guns have long been used in the Soviet and Russian MBT, since the days of the Cold War, and proved in practice efficiency. To defeat the infantry and light armored purposes intended in the remote-controlled machine gun installation.

T-14 received a BPS-1 Vacuum as a staff of the projectile, the length of which is 900 mm and automatic loader is able to use more longer ammunition. Automatic loading of a new type, together with the crew separated from the combat pack removes the lack of Russian MBT as the vulnerability of ammunition and hitting his crew at an explosion.

Victory Parade in Moscow Tank Armata T-14

MOSCOW, RUSSIA. MAY 9, 2015. Armata T-14 battle tanks roll down Moscow's Red Square during a Victory Day military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Marina Lystseva/TASS Россия. Москва. 9 мая 2015. Танки Танк Т-14 "Армата" во время военного парада на Красной площади, посвященного 70-й годовщине Победы в Великой Отечественной войне. Марина Лысцева/ТАСС
MOSCOW, RUSSIA. MAY 9, 2015. Armata T-14 battle tanks roll down Moscow’s Red Square during a Victory Day military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Armata T-14 The engine, transmission, chassis

Tank got the X-type diesel engine with up to 1500 hp, electronically controlled. At the moment, the power of 1200 hp, as recognized by the best. Exhaust displayed on the sides of the MTO, the gases are mixed with outboard air to reduce visibility. Electronics is also responsible for reversing gearbox having 8 steps forward and the same amount back, along with the rotation mechanism, however, remains to fully mechanical control.

Suspension consists of 7 rubber road wheels, thanks to its engine power and elongation, T-14 has a great potential for further modernization, they say that the margin of weight is 15 tons. On each side is a screen with a built-in protection and MTO covered against the cumulative grids.

Motor with transmission merged into one module, whereby field strength changing unit for several hours.

Armata Additional systems

Using a standard device for modern tankov- air conditioning, night vision and protection against weapons of mass destruction. From unique additions planned aircraft type radar, which has no analogues in the world and allows you to capture up to 40 dynamic and 25 aerodynamic purposes.

T-14 received a digital control system, which will increase the speed of any of the operations and link Armata any other appliances equipped with digital equipment. Also it will give the opportunity to pinpoint any threats and counter them with the built-in dynamic armor, or have time to shoot first at a meeting with the enemy forces on the move.

Russian Tank Armata Epilogue

Now there is little to say about Armata, but you can look at the predecessors, have passed a long and glorious path and is popular in many other countries. Given the inherent capacity and modular design, it can be said with certainty that the T-14, Armata and machines based on it will turn out a formidable opponent for all, without exception.


Russia TV – Russia Victory Day Parade 2015 : Full Army & Air Force Military

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