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New, polished, mind-bending, minimal puzzle game with dozens of levels and extra-ordinary design..


The game has a similar to those in Hocus minimalist design and interface. It seems to be very simple decorated, but just how neat and beautiful! Reached for the strap on top rop – start the game, hit the “cross” below – hit the Settings menu. Naturally, all this is accompanied by a very smooth and high-quality animation that attracts.

The choice of 198 levels, access to each of the following of which appears only after the previous adventures. No In-App, to get fast access to all stages immediately. The brain works, and will be happy.


Although there is a caveat. The fact that the original game was free and includes 77 levels. For the second and third set of steps (66 and 55 units respectively), had to pay as much for 59 rubles. People are different. The most “outstanding” representatives of the human race began to furiously indignant, saying, “What audacity is such that I have to pay ?! Why make the game free, if then you have to pay ?! “. In general, the developer has decided to keep the nerves and just made the game a paid originally. Paid dollar received all 198 levels at once.

So, you can start any of the sets of levels before the pass the previous one condition – the previous set of 10 steps still need to master.
With the first set it is very easy to do – passing the 10 levels, I mean. As is the case with Hocus, the game introduces you very smoothly to date, demonstrating the principles for solving puzzles.

In particular, your task is to arrange the rope or rather gum on the playing field so that she repeated these figures. The construction is formed by moving a finger nodal portions. The process is accompanied by a very beautiful animation, turns into a static picture into an elegant dynamic spectacle. I’m open, I’m still in awe of how beautiful the author manages to present such a simple visual puzzles like Hocus and candidate Rop.
The more levels you pass, the more difficult puzzles are. On the other hand, it happens that seems to be a daunting task, but decided it just a couple of three movements. But if you just start to twist and twirl gum incorrectly, you can actually dig up the level for a long time. I is not just happen – you start to take place in the evening the stage 15 minutes tormented, bored, turns off. In the morning and starts again for 10 seconds to solve puzzles.

All the action is accompanied by a beautiful and unobtrusive music, for which the authors also worth praise. She just picked up smartly, promotes calm reflection and calm in general.

Toy is well developed spatial thinking. In the early stages, when difficulties arise, try to solve the problem of the method of “spear”, quickly moving the nodes on the playing field. But over time, begin to rotate the rope structure in my head, and just thinking over a few moves ahead, proceed to implement them on the playing field. It’s addictive, believe me.
The only thing missing the game – the usual stars evaluation. For example, I decided to puzzle over the minimum number of moves – received three stars. He made several moves more – is worthy of two stars. If tupil long, tedious, but still passed stage – earned one star. Although, given the overall minimalist design of the game and its concept could be a star here and superfluous.

In any case, I recommend to everyone Rop – mash gyrus, it is useful and interesting.

Game: rop | 0.99$ | Universal app | Download


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