Rolling Sky REVIEW

Rolling Sky REVIEW

Description :

Rolling Sky is the ultimate ‘one more try’ reaction game. Drag left and right to avoid obstacles and stay on the track to reach the end portal. Featuring a custom pumping soundtrack, colorful locations and impossible gameplay. Do you have what it takes to complete all five worlds?


In the App Store very rarely see the stunning game, but if you are able to meet and something interesting and suitable for quality, often all that remains – this is only from the look on these games because of the high cost. But now we want to talk about another case: sometimes, very rarely, but still great games can be distributed free of charge – and it really is the real miracle. Released a few days ago the game Rolling Sky is unlikely someone will be able to remain indifferent.

Rolling Sky REVIEW

Immediately it should be noted that one should not wait for the game too much. Rolling Sky – it is quite normal for a platformer game mechanics. But that’s what makes this game special – it is the highest level of graphics and sound implementation, and excellent harmony with all this gameplay. All the screenshots you see in this review are made only in one level of the game, and all of them in the Rolling Sky as many as five, and, in fairness, one is much more difficult and more elegant the other.

The concept of the game mechanics is very difficult to call the original, absolutely identical to the gameplay can meet even some arcade pixel. We have a ball, which is necessary to carry out along all locations from 0 to 100%. Control of the game as follows: horizontal ball repeats the movement of your finger – play very comfortably in almost any position.


Now let’s talk about what makes the game gorgeous, namely the incredible diversity and individuality of each level. Typically, one or the other game boasts a maximum ten game elements – it says that the developers were too lazy to draw anything for their product. Here, this is no problem, developers have developed and animated fucking ton of game obstacles that in a few seconds came down on the fate of the players.

Rotating hammers, hanging weights, falling through the platform, lasers, trees, retractable poles, leaving the wheel and so on – I know, in words, it looks like a salad, but everything in the game looks very restrained and harmonious. Bypassing and dodging obstacles need to collect crystals, only one location of 20. And if after a few minutes of game play the first level you may find some madness for the sake of interest, open the final level, and you’ll see a real hell, through which pass Only the most skilled will be able amateur hardcore gaming.

Rolling Sky REVIEW

The game is free, and absolutely all of the levels in the game are in the public domain. On the one hand, it’s good, but I like the opening sequence of steps. On the passage of a given level of 10 balls – if you is not enough, the next batch will have to wait about a minute. If you do not want to wait, you can purchase a premium version of the game Rolling Sky. Personally, in my gaming experience, this product can be put on a par with the game Geometry Dash, which is extremely popular and loved by a huge number of users.

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