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It looks like the game’s office are on the verge of creating their own religion. Its essence lies in the fact that as long as you do not let your own DotA-game – that as a developer you are insolvent. And no matter what you been doing all his life creating role-playing, strategy and simulation. DotA! And let these games have dozens, and no player on the picture they do not discriminate. It is necessary to make their own, and all.

Recently, the light path entered and Petroglyph. The company, created in different years such well-known strategy like Universe at War: Earth Assault and Star Wars: Empire at War, now has its own variation on the fashionable topic. It is called Rise of Immortals.


Action Rise of Immortals is set in the world of the other Petroglyph strategy – card Guardians of Graxia. But of this you will find only on the official website: the game itself was not a word about the background of the events and locations where te battle unfold. Without further ado, we offer a plunge into the familiar to any fan of DotA routine.

New heroes and skins for them, you can buy both for real money and for the earned directly in combat prestige points

As usual, there are two teams fight heroes who must destroy the enemy base. Prior to that, they will have a long time to destroy the defensive towers and battle hordes of slaves AI dummy ( “crypto”), which are regularly run over to the enemy’s territory. To the base of the enemy, as usual, has several trails. In the bushes, as always, sitting neutral monsters. For killing the largest of them team, as expected, to receive various bonuses.


Heroes (in this case, they called them immortal – and it’s not a figure of speech) are pumped during the battle, and with each new level opens a new, or improve existing skills. Traditionally, these five skills. Some of them are aimed at the support of allies (eg, increases the damage or restores the health of the closest associates), a part of causing direct damage and adds bonuses to the player.

In comparison with the same League of Legends and DotA themselves heroes in Rise of Immortals is much less: today – only 15. Nevertheless, they represent almost all major types, classes and styles of play. Twilight vampire Naughty girl with two swords, northern warrior, ice mage, gnome with a gun, terrifying lich, dragon, robot, and even local analog Medusa – to taste hero look easy.


The game has a very nice picture and cheerful music. And the humor is all right

Role system Rise of Immortals is also largely written off the League of Legends. Each character is pumped in two ways. Directly in the battle, he gets tactical levels (maximum – 20), which are reset after exiting. Outside of battle successes already defines a constant level. The more and more successful you are in battle, so it is above the maximum is equal to fifty.

Constant level influences, with whom you will be sent to play, and what additional opportunities for the development of the hero is fighting you get. And here again we must remember League of Legends. The fact is that in the Rise of Immortals can also learn talents in three branches (defense, attack and “championship” skills) and buy artifacts (symbols, relics, totems), which give certain passive bonuses. The number of slots for artifacts is limited, so it is necessary to choose them carefully, imagining in advance the tactics of the coming battle.

In general, we can talk for a long time that in Rise of Immortals looks the same as in the League of Legends. Simply list, what is the difference between them. The most noticeable – in the absence of recipes for the collection of weapons and armor, original characters and replay system and write the matches. In addition, there is much more in the shops, which have to spend real money – for example, the artifacts can be bought only at the Petroglyph Coins. At the start, you get free only a small amount of the PC, and further, please, reach for a credit card.


In game five cards for battles in different modes: one on one, two on two, three on three and five for five

However, its advantages in Rise of Immortals too, and surprisingly pleasant. For example, the PvE-cards with unique scenarios, when, after the capture of the enemy base game does not end: there is a boss dragon, which should overcome the order frayed winners. But the most important difference Petroglyph creation of the recognized leaders of the genre – an interesting social component. Before the battle, you get a separate area, where all the players present on the server presented their heroes. You can go to any, to start a conversation, add them to friends or to invite to the group. Agree, this is a much better way to spend time between fights than usual primitive chat.

Overall Rise of Immortals can be considered successful clone of the League of Legends, where simplified tactical component, but improved social. Simply put, this is a game for casual gamers – those who want to have fun without spending a long time reading manuals and guides and learning of strategic schemes.

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