Ridge Runner REVIEW

Ridge Runner REVIEW

Description :

Hold to extend your pole and release to jump over a variety of obstacles and gaps – By the makers of Rolling Sky and Unroll Me. Collect stars to unlock different characters including a knight on horseback, a fireman or even a selfie-obsessed teenage girl. Game features high quality 2D visuals, retro inspired custom soundtrack and a variety of fun characters to unlock.


Studio Turbo Chilli Pty, familiar to many thanks to an elegant product with the name Rolling Sky, released his new job. The newly project was called «Ridge Runner», or «Running on the brink.” Yeah, maybe this game is not up to the level of the aforementioned brother, because it is a classic runner, but nevertheless it may be interesting to many due to the implementation of high-quality graphics.

Ridge Runner

Remember arcade game in which we need to jump from island to island by lengthening the pole? In such casual products, as a rule, the protagonist does not move – movement in the location was carried out exclusively by adjusting the size of the pole. The Ridge Runner we see a similar game mechanics with the only difference that the very main character has its own speed of movement. This gameplay is somewhat more complicated.

Ridge Runner

In practice, it looks like this: our protagonist is automatically run on the location, armed with a telescopic stick, at the sight of obstacles, in terms of its size, we need to increase the size of the pole in order to overcome it. The game does not so many obstacles types: it may be the barriers of different height, a huge boulder that moves us in the opposite direction, as well as the gulf. The easiest way to overcome the last type of obstacles, but it should not be underestimated, because if you are lucky enough to be selected as the pivot point is an abyss, your stick will sink into the abyss of endless, depriving you of the possibility to move on.


The main goal of the game – is to collect as many points as possible, which we receive by means of overcoming barriers based on the following ratio: one obstacle – one point. Also worth mentioning is that with about 10 points, you can watch the changing locations – thanks to this play process ceases to be terribly dull. Of course, in the Ridge Runner is, the local currency, which is a selected level, or is given after watching commercials. Money is always possible to spend in the store, after purchasing a new hero. And if to all the gameplay can find a dozen complaints, it is unlikely someone will be able to find fault with the implementation of the characters. They are very bright, interesting, and open really able to act as the main motivator of the game.

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