Revelation on the Chinese server


“Online” The first few hours of Revelation looks like a typical role-playing game, without the prefix. Even without knowing the Chinese understand the fabric of history is simple: your hero with the help of friends to save the world from evil. For a start you learn to walk, run fast and jump high, talk to the NPC, to fight and to fly. Gradually, everything becomes more complicated: the secondary characters die, go to the dark side and generally move the story as they can. Without knowledge of the language to understand the intricacies of the plot is impossible, but one can say for sure: the dialogues and videos in the game enough. Some of them – with the QTE-elements, when you need to quickly press the key combination is displayed on the screen.


Revelation is developing in China Blizzard games

Revelation is developing one of the largest Chinese companies – NetEase. It is a few years operates in China Blizzard games, and more recently – and even Minecraft. Requirements Blizzard and Microsoft’s partners are very high, so if China’s their choice fell on the NetEase, then we are probably the best game office of China. The portfolio is full of NetEase own games, but they are issued for the domestic market. Revelation – the first international project of the company, for the development of this game spent more than five years.

In China Revelation launched about a year ago. In fact, the native market for themselves developers have caught errors, tested the effects of all the basic mechanic – and only when convinced that it works like a clock, started talks about Revelation launch worldwide. In Russia, the game should come this fall. After that, European and American servers will be launched.

Revelation tailored for a simple, but effective formula, “I’ll put all the best at once.” Get all the latest online games and try to remember them at random best features – with a probability close to 100%, it will all be in the Revelation. The huge open world, the ability to fly through it without any restrictions, a lot of caves, a lot of pvp-modes, including battles involving thousands of people, a variety of professions and classes – in general, whoever you are, whatever your tastes in online, in Revelation, you will discover exactly something for yourself.


Chinese games are built on the grind

Usually Chinese games are built on the grind – that is constantly killing the same enemies packs. But since the Revelation was developed with a view to an international audience, there is no grind. But full of side quests for which performance is rarely necessary to kill more than three monsters. Experience thus charged with reckless speed: reach level 20 you can easily in a couple of hours (maximum level in the game now – 79). Revelation does not try to force the player to spend six months in the game for six hours every day to reach the maximum. She did not need to, even on the contrary: the faster you pump over, the sooner you will have access to the most interesting classes.

From level 30 you can fight other players. In an open world PvP-battle is completely voluntary: standby mode turns on and off at will. Gathering a team of three or five soldiers, you can go on inter-server arena. There is a mass of the lists – the arena in which the team can fight 10, 20 and 30 players. There is also “to the last” mode, where all are fighting against all, and the last survivor takes the award and receives a special title.

But all this – only a warm-up before a real battle: Guild Wars and servers. Each week, the guild game fighting for control of the locks. In each such a battle can participate even an entire server – the number of fighters but its capacity (up to 5 thousand people) is limited. But after one of the guild will be victorious, it can apply to participate in cross-server battle. Here on one battlefield converge “only” 500 people, but they determine the ranking of your server – and if they can bring it to one of the first rows, all the server population will receive a powerful bonus. Winning the battles, guild earn special currency that is needed to build a guild hall and other useful buildings.


For fans of World of Warcraft

For fans of the game PvE and harvested the sea of entertainment: a few dozen caves, which can be played solo or in a group, and a few raid zones for parties of twenty players. The first cave opened at level 20, many of them have ten levels of difficulty, so you can visit them and even completely bleed the well-dressed characters. Even if you think so that’s the dungeon you’ve seen all that you can – do not rush to conclusions, try to “hell” mode, where the monsters are not just going to be more health, but also will have new abilities. In order to describe the local raids, enough to nod in the direction of World of Warcraft: here the same way, each boss has a few phases, and to cope with them, the team must work well on the tactics. Bosses usually very angry – if you, for example, did not know that at some point in the battle urgently needs somewhere to hide themselves will die immediately and move the entire team. But the reward for killing the boss is very generous.

Lovers of quiet life and find for themselves a lot of lessons. For example, the collection of resources and Crafts: The game features six core professions and sixteen additional specializations. There are all the usual peaceful profession – from fishing to hunting for treasure. There are different clans, which can improve relations, earning a reputation, and urban labor exchange, where you can earn extra money. Or splurge: Taking an order, you must leave a cash deposit, and if you do not cope in time, he is lost. The best part is that almost any class in the game bring experience. So here it is possible to pump, even without dirtying his hands with blood monsters.


Revelation looks like Lineage 2

Martial skills in a game tied to the mouse buttons, and keys 1-5, but with the growth of your character it becomes super-blows accessible – very beautifully animated attacks that cause damage to all the wild, who caught his arm. They are attached to buttons F1 – F6. Ability to change, when the hero fights in the air or under the water, but a set of skills opens at relatively high levels.

Modes of movement and combat have tried to make absolutely convenient for everyone, from lovers of today’s dynamic action games to classic schemes adherents. At any time you can switch between three options: move the click, as in prehistoric Lineage 2, the movement of the camera rotation, right-click, as in World of Warcraft, and with free movement of the camera, like in TERA and Blade & Soul. In the first two cases, the objective should be to allocate the Tab key or click in the last takes effect sticky sight. It works almost like a new-fangled “non-target” but gives a lot more concessions inexperienced fighters.

Revelation looks like a patchwork quilt: is not sold in fashion stores, but you know exactly what it is warm, comfortable and last a very long time. Hard to say, the interests of some people in Revelation still were not taken into account – perhaps only those who, in principle, can not stand the whole genre of role-playing online games.

Revelation 天谕 Online Gunner Prologue Gameplay



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