Red Ball 4 REVIEW

Red Ball 4 REVIEW

Description :

Red Alert!
Evil minions want to squeeze the planet into a square shape.
Who’s got the balls to save the world ? Oh yeah, that’s right!

Red Ball to the rescue!
Roll, jump and bounce through 60 exciting levels full of adventure.
Make your way through tricky traps and defeat all monsters.


FDG Mobile Games Studio has released a lot of successful products, some of which even took the leading position in the top free toys, for example, Banana Kong or the same Bloody Harry. All of this, of course, a simple arcade, but nevertheless the fact remains. But among all of the projects developers clearly distinguish the game called «Red Ball», as they persistently and vigorously continue to develop the line. Now available in the App Store Part 4, dare I say it, this wonderful game.

Despite the fact that this is a very classic platformer, developers were not too lazy to create a story for the game concept. It tells the story of the protagonist, which is red bun. Antagonists of the game, it is easy to guess, are evil squares, which not only had the nerve to change the shape of round residents, they ventured into a very heinous crime – in order to make them a square shape of the planet. And this can not be allowed.

Red Ball 4 – is a great example of love and integrity of developers to its products. The guys from the studio FDG Mobile Games offer users a fairly simple gameplay. All that is at our disposal – a jump button and two buttons for selecting a motion vector. But despite such a trivial management tools, gameplay becomes due ink due to the huge number of other game elements.

The game has a huge number of different mechanisms of interaction which allows you to successfully overcome the difficult parts locations. You have to move the wooden crates to climb higher or surface water bodies to overcome (the protagonist does not know how to swim), roll the huge stone boulders, using long pieces of wood – is a simple one. Among the complex mechanisms, I would single out the wooden cradle, mills, boxes of wheels – and it’s only in the first location.

A game only four locations, each of which has 15 levels. I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the game, because thanks to this trivial platformer managed to fit a few rudiments of the puzzle. But more than that I was pleased with the presence of the bosses. Nothing can make the game even more exciting than meeting with the bosses. They understood, interesting and quite complex. A negative factor in this aspect is the presence of checkpoints in a fight with the leaders – without them it would only get better.

Yet I would place more developers work hard to create a sound or a portrayal of backgrounds. All this in a game is, but it is, in my opinion, some primitive. The rest of the game is even should buy: it has no ads, no in-game purchases (only the premature release levels), and its cost is really funny – only 15 rubles per 60 luxurious levels with bosses, puzzles and other interesting way.

Game: Red Ball 4 | 0.99$ | Universal app | Download


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