RED 2010 Only Old Men Are Going to Battle


What do you get if you mix in a film of Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, and a large supply of weapons? RED – pensioners undercover.

Directed by Robert Schwentke
Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian
Screenplay by Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber
Starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Karl Urban, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren
Budget $58 million

Red_Movie_Image _Bruce_Willis_Morgan_Freeman

Retired CIA Super Agent Frank Moses (Willis) is committed to eating beans, receives checks from the pension fund, simultaneously flirting with his cute employee (Parker). After killing one night a dozen indelicate killer in his own house, he realizes that it was a smell of fried, and goes in search of old friends and enemies: Daisy-lodger nursing home (Freeman), freak gamma radiation agent (Malkovich) and aristocratic mistress pastoral hotel specializing in mokruhu (Mirren). Elusive retired easily wet all the villains are not even for the sake of saving a row, and for amusement.


Robert Schwentke filmed eponymous comic Warren Ellis. However, the resulting product is too different from the original, so that you can write “on the basis”, rather, “based on”. To create a thicker actions writers had much work.

RED 2010  Bruce Willis

The plot develops from some chamber almost art-history of life melancholic agent-pensioner and his phone novel. Then it has a huge political and humorous lump in the plot of “bursts” the very history of the past of the protagonist in the face of his former teammates and murderers.

RED 2010 Morgan Freeman

Red - Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman) © 2010 Summit Entertainment, Photo by Frank Masi Ph: Frank Masi, SMPSP Copyright 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

Seriously treat blockbusters spectators stopped for a long time, it seems, is now caught up with this trend and Hollywood. Where once security services looked rescuers world is now ruled by gags.

RED 2010 John Malkovich


“Knight and Day”, “” A “team – the history of the agents in retirement is not as fresh by Hollywood standards. But the director was paradoxical trump card in the hands of – age. It’s one thing when a young agent saves the world, the other, when in this role acts as a graying idiot with plush pig in his hands.

RED 2010 Mary-Louise Parker


Rare case when the real age of all the actors and their characters age pleasant coincide. From Bruce Willis Quartet and indeed the youngest (55 years), no wonder 73-year-old Freeman affectionately calls this bald guy brutal “Little Boy” and 56-year-old Malkovich revenge on enemies with the words “For Granddaddy answer!”.

RED 2010 Karl Urban

Red_Movie_Image _Karl_Urban

Except for the “hard-nut” jumping Willis of the police car at full speed, the characters do not cut through on foot through the city with the speed of light, giving it the right to CIA young agents do not jump from roof to roof, do not fly over the Hudson River, clinging hands behind helicopter landing gear. They watch telly, put snowmen in the yard, bake buns, holding stocks of weapons in the garage, fake passports in the cellar, and treat each other not only as the phrase, “You came to me to bang?”.

RED 2010 Helen Mirren

RED Ph: Frank Masi, SMPSP Copyright 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

Interestingly, the creators released the film without the usual North American moralizing and philosophy of life of goodness and peace, but with a clear allusion to the sequel and the jokes towards Russia. Only in the case of the RED case one barb is not limited to: vodka, sable, Russian Ivan – not only lasted dolls and pancakes.

All these shootings, car chases and gas cans in your purse – in the case of RED mandatory component, but not fundamental. Much more interesting action games is it the characters, full of all sorts of jokes to the Russian Embassy, ​​the US government and ourselves. There is not even so important that the story (good defeated evil) impossibly banal, and predictable denouement, though, do not lie, the ending is much better than you can imagine.

Win-win synthesis clumsy jokes, cute absurdities and famous actors for a pleasant pastime.

RED 2010 Final verdict

This fighter is not to frighten, but to laughter, where logic and plausibility go by the wayside, skipping ahead a good joke.

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