Red 2 2013 – Red on Red Square


Directed by Dean Parisot
Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Screenplay by Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber
Starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Byung-hun Lee, Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren
Budget $84 million

The German Robert Schwentke, before shoot in Hollywood, once paid attention to his own person in 2010, releasing a killer thriller “RED”, codenamed “go to fight some old people”. Where Stallone ‘The Expendables’ gave nostalgia, pathos and satisfied desires once the boys who grew up on posters with Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme, Schwentke showed that in the old dog still have the “old guard” (and some other) that Bruce Willis can be very funny, and the world lost a great deal of militants without Helen Mirren.


Box office success gave way to a sequel, but the director walked away from the project and began to engage in “Ghost Patrol”. “Red 2,” fell into the hands of Dean Parisot – comedy author with Jim Carrey “Fun with Dick and Jane” series director “Correct wife” and “Justice”. And a little sad that hit.


Frank Moses (Willis), laid down their arms and get the pleasure of shopping in a supermarket prawn and quiet home dinner with their favorite Sarah (Parker). The universe, however, represented the best friend of Moses – Marvin (Malkovich), a beautiful killersha Victoria (Mirren), Korean, James Bond – Hahn (Hon), the Pentagon, the CIA, British and Russian intelligence (Zeta-Jones) and half-witted nuclear physicist ( Hopkins), however, categorically opposed to such a “burning life.” The company of old and newly mercenaries runs between London, Moscow, Paris and the US cities, famously rides in wheelbarrows, steals private jets give a light “young guard” and solves all the problems as they come. Receipt, by the way, is almost continuous stream.


It is good that the creators did not slide into idiocy and animated character Morgan Freeman. Replacing him was found very pleasant: Anthony Hopkins is famous for smiling like a real maniac, Catherine Zeta-Jones gives a vamp, and David Thewlis deftly portrays a French pedant … But you sit in the room and for some reason, you catch yourself thinking that you wait where, and when to start “a wild mess,” where are the guys with gray hair at the temples (and some even without a gray hair, for bald) will burn napalm. This anticipation is quite fast and the film takes place.


Excellent cast and trivial jokes do not let slip about the history of the nuclear bomb, the Kremlin and chase stamped vtorosort. Heroes fulfill the same jokes that made famous the original thriller, but watch as the heroine Mirren deftly kills everybody with a sniper rifle in the prone position, leading gracefully leg in the air, can be forever. As well as on the half-crazy faces by Malkovich and romantic Willis. Mary-Louise Parker, by the way, the second part of the team fit like a glove. Strange, but without this once provincial Kansas “RED” I would have been no “REDom”. It turned out not so killer and funny as the original, the plot is not enough nonsense and puns pomasshtabnee, drivel terribly lacking, but overall pretty briskly.


Expectations may even kill the coolest project. The main thing is that I lost “RED” with the emergence of a sequel – it’s the sudden disarming insolence with which the protagonists are soaked, crushing and makes the world dance to their tune. In the second part still shoot, joke, reveal conspiracies and fall into the absurdity of the situation, but in some midtones. And why do we need half measures when it comes to comedy thriller, a project of the highest poshiba with first-class Hollywood stars, able even to their “little 50” to “make” any modern young star?


Red 2 2013 Final verdict

If the “RED” did not exist, it definitely would have to be invented. The sequel, by and large, the account could not be. There is a suspicion that Schwentke would create the second movie “candy” is not worse, but while he was engaged in “Ghost Patrol”, his replacement – Dean Parisot – just took a continuation without any dopbonusov. Wit and stupidity, strange as it may sound like a combination of incongruous, it is not enough.

Red 2 Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren Movie

Red 2 Official Trailer #2 (2013) – Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren Movie

Red 2 CLIP – Chase (2013) – Bruce Willis Movie

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