Rayman Adventures review

Rayman Adventures review

Relive great adventures in the legendary worlds to rescue in danger Incrediballs!

In a magical forest there was a problem: the ancient egg that sustains life sacred tree were stolen and scattered around the world.

Our fearless adventurer Rayman and his companion Barbara from the tribe of Vikings go in search of the missing eggs Incrediballs, to breathe new life into the sacred tree withering! During his trip to the heroes have to visit numerous dissimilar worlds – from human ghosts castles to the mythical Mount Olympus!

· Rate exciting mix of action and research of the world!
· Locate all abducted Incrediballs, collect them and return home!
· Use the abilities of the rescued creatures to achieve success in their incredible adventures!
· Do not forget to take care of Incrediballs: feed them, play with them and even perform music together!
· GROW tallest trees in the world, ahead of all competitors!
· Experiencing a great adventure in incredibly beautiful surroundings.

Immerse yourself in the head and fight the Minotaur, robbers and various monsters that inhabit the universe of the game Rayman Adventures!


The Rayman series is home to some of the most charming and engaging platformers you’ll see this side of Mario, and previous mobile efforts Rayman Jungle Run and Fiesta Run served up a mishmash of colorful adventuring and trademark zaniness.

Rayman Adventures delivers more of that sweet platforming action, but is sometimes punctuated by banal level design and a lackluster feel that just doesn’t resonate after you’ve put the game down.

Don’t get me wrong – this is classic Rayman. ButJungle Run and Fiesta Runfelt a little more lively and exciting, despite the more “open” feel in this entry.

Tap for your life!

In terms of controls, you run automatically, and can wall jump, leap across gaps, take out enemies, and perform all the other moves you’d expect from our platforming hero by swiping and tapping.

Aside from running through levels and avoiding enemies, Rayman can capture the trapped little Teensies (creatures locked away in each area) for a special bonus.

Automatic running aside, it’s all very Rayman

Which way do I go?

However, the controls can feel a little fiddly at times – particularly when changing direction during tough platforming sections.

It’s a shame considering that the controls were absolutely perfect in bothJungle RunandFiesta Run but the more open levels focus on exploration is a worthwhile trade-off.


The bottom line

Rayman Adventures is an attractive package with a familiar platformer character to carry it.

While some of the levels can be repetitive and the controls fiddly, the extra freedom it affords players is liberating, and the whimsical color palettes, open world feel, and high production values make it worth the download.

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